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Here you can find (Barnes and Noble and Amazon) links to some of the books that Morgan Drake Eckstein currently has available for sale on the internet. (These ebooks are also available through Smashwords, Sony, Apple iBookstore, and Kobo.)

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Occult (Mixed---Golden Dawn, Wicca, New Age)

Five Reasons Why Magic Fails (Smashwords Edition) $2.99

Five Reasons Why Magic Fails
Occasionally, try as you might, no matter how many spells you toss at a goal, magic seems not to work. In this ebook, the five most common reasons for the failure of magic are explored.

Pizza Boxes on the Floor---the Collected 2010 Hearthstone Articles (Smashwords Edition) Just 99 cents.

Pizza Boxes on the Floor---the Collected 2010 Hearthstone Articles.
This ebook collects the articles written in 2010 by Morgan Drake Eckstein for the Hearthstone Community Church's newsletter. Besides the dozen articles (discussing positive affirmations, floor diagrams and energy patterns, the merits of Wiccans knowing astrology), the ebook has a new introductory article, and an expanded discussion of the floor diagram that was used during the June 2010 Open Full Moon ritual.

Also available are the 2011 Collection of Hearthstone Articles--Bad Monkey (99 cents) and Lunatic with a Soapbox--the 2012 Collected Hearthstone Articles (99 cents).

Mixed Fiction and Poetry

Occult Fiction
Fools and Cthulhu--a short-short story (99 cents) Amazon.