Review Policies

The following review policies are effective as of November 2012.

In order for a physical item (printed book, Tarot deck, music or lecture CD, etc.) to be considered for review, a copy of it must be sent to me at my postal address:

Morgan Eckstein
2727 Cook St
Denver, CO 80205

Electronic items (ebooks, downloaded music tracks) should be given through a coupon code sent to with the subject heading "Review request" or in the form of a PDF, MP3, etc. If I do not know you and the download looks suspicious, I will not open the attachment.

Giving me a copy of an item does not guarantee that I will review it. Nor does recieving a free copy insure that you will get a favorable review from me.

Reviews are done on my time schedule. In other words, if my own writing is flowing, there will be a delay.

Giving me money will not affect my stated opinion of your material. I issue honest reviews, and the only thing money might accomplish is to get your item to the front of the line.

According to the current government rules, I must admit if I was given a copy to review ("review copy"). The same goes for any monies I recieve to review material.

If I do decide to review something, it is up for me to decide where to post the review. Nevertheless, if you know that I am active someplace where you would like to see your material reviewed, please feel free to suggest it. In the past, I have posted reviews on this blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Helium, Yahoo Voices (Associated Content). My book reviews are collected at Book Reviews by Morgan. Similar blogs will be set up in the future for other types of material that I review on a regular basis.

If you feel that your material is meant for an audience with a certain level of knowledge, please let me know. My readers are a mixed bag, and knowing who a product is meant for helps me in my review. If you have a press kit, please send it also (along with any important addresses and information---prices, etc.), for it will help me in my review process.

Finally, despite what some critics say about me, my membership in particular Golden Dawn and Wiccan groups does not affect my opinion of materials presented for review. Secret handshakes and passwords will not help, or hinder, my opinion of your material.

[This page was originally put up in November 2011, and was updated in November 2012.]