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Constructing the hundred by hundred celled magic square Part 2

Earlier this month, I posted an entry about constructing the hundred by hundred celled magic square. I have not made much more progress towards the completion of this project, but I would like to mention some of the feedback that I got, and some of the thoughts that I have had since that entry. Some of this feedback was publicly posted; some of it was private---I am grateful for all of it.

(Note: I am not counting the blog posting by David Griffin as feedback; that was merely an attempt to control a member of the new media. Griffin wants everyone to agree with him and his membership's opinions. I am a journalist living in the United States; I do not have to agree with his opinions. My duty as a journalist is to report what I believe to be the truth. And yes, I do belong to a Golden Dawn Order, and have friends in other GD Orders; therefore he will always claim that I am involved in a conspiracy against him and his Order. My book reviews are my honest opinion at the time that I write them. I have not been invited into the conspiracy that he claims is going on, probably because I am a journalist.)

Using Excel

Several people have suggested that I use an Excel spreadsheet to doublecheck the math of the square. I will admit that it would have never occured to me to do that. I do not use Excel often (maybe once a year), so it is not a working tool that I naturally reach for. Thanks for the idea.

Use by Royality and the size of the finished square

Yes, I read the translated part of the book. Considering that I am a ceremonial magician, and a darn good looking wiccan, I believe that I have every right to use the square. After all, what would be the point of printing this information if we were not allowed to actually use it?

I am not sure that I want to put it on a banner. That would be awkward to carry in public, and I am already considered slightly strange as it is.

The creation of a floor or ceiling covering is an interesting idea. And if the claimed powers of the square are true, I can see how it would fit into the Golden Dawn floor diagrams and Vault paradigm. But based on the translated section, that is not how it was being used.

The reason I came to the conclusion that it was meant to be made and carried on one's person is the translated section. The martyr Ismail Bayek bore it; no hair could be shaven from him, or bullet hurt him while he carried it. Sultan Ali al-Shaheed was killed without it. "It is said that he went naked to wash in the bath, entered the bath and was killed during the time that he wasn't carrying it" (iv).

For me, these statements seem to imply that it is possible to make the Qaf square in a size that can be carried by human being, on their person, without having to lug around a carpet, banner, or shield bearer.

India Paper (Bible Paper)

Rereading the translated section did some good. Some of the classical examples were written on India paper, the type of thin paper used to print bibles. Unfortunately, the obvious occasionally escapes me; I have yet to figure out a set of Google search terms, or Bing for that matter, that coughs up a set of results for companies actually selling this particular paper stock in the size and batch amount that I would need. If anyone knows of a source, please leave the address in the comment section.

Reservation to change my mind

As always, I must remind everyone that I reserve the right to change my mind about the book after actually constructing and using the Qaf square. Until then, my original book review will go unamended despite attempts to control what I write by others.

The reason I am posting these entries

I figured that many of the thoughts, ideas and problems that I am going to encounter during this process are going to be the same as other people are going to experience. I presume that I am not going to be the only person to attempt to construct this magic square. Therefore, I believe that these entries are going to prove to be interesting reading to someone.

And I would like to point out that Nineveh Shadrach implied that they want us to construct this square. "Count yourself fortunate [to know about the Qaf square], but this fortune is merely a potential. It can only really become a full reality in your life, if you create the magic square and release its power" (xii). Why say this if they did not want us to actually do it?

All quotes are from the introduction of Magic Squares & The Tree of Life: Western Mandalas of Power published by Ishtar Publishing.

My original book review of Magic Squares & The Tree of Life can be found on Associated Content. Remember I earn money by the page view, hence the love that I show Google.

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