Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tarot Blog Hop Master List (Respecting the divinationary arts)

Welcome to the Lughnasad (Lammas) edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. This is the Master List listing all the bloggers taking part in the August 1st 2017 Tarot Blog Hop.

The theme of this hop is: Respecting the Divinationary Arts.

1.Morgan Drake Eckstein: Gleamings from the [Golden] Dawn

2.Joy Vernon: Completely Joyous

3.Karen Sealey: Pure Blessed Tarot/ Pure and Blessed Way

4.James Bulls: Left Hand Tarot

5.Aisling the Bard: Tarot Witchery

6.Sarah K-L: The Divine Path

7.Ania M: Ania M

8.M.Juniper: Lost Star Tarot

9.Meniscus Tarot (by Ania M): Meniscus Tarot

10.Joanne Sprott: Cosmic Whispers Tarot

11.Jay Cassels: Metaphysical Angels

12.Katalin Patnaik: Katalin Patnaik

13.Arwen Lynch Poe: Professional Joy Seeker

14.Jack of Wands: Jack of Wands

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