Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Red Flag--"Magic Garden" photos requested (Creeper Award)

Right up front, I must say that perhaps I am wrong about the following person deserving a Creeper Award. Maybe this person is completely on the up and up. But given the fact that I kinda threw up in my mouth a couple of time when someone brought his antics to attention, I feel that I am probably right that he deserves a Creeper Award. As always, if you think that I am wrong, there is the glorious comment section.

And this Creeper Award goes to Master Golden Wizard Luxas Aureaum, head of the Coven of the Rooting Circle--Witches of Maryland.

Recently he gave some information about membership in his coven to someone who found him though Witchvox. According to this source, he claims that his coven is ALL female, except for him...that might be creepy. He also seems to think that a woman's vagina, as my source put it, was some form of Witch's Rosetta Stone...you can decide how creepy that is when we get to the screenshot of that particular message.

Master Golden Wizard Luxas Aureaum may also be trying to create a teen group, a fact that might not be alarming....except that at no time did he ask my informant if they were over 18, a fact that makes me a little nauseous when I read the following messages that he sent.

Oh yes, I so want a creeper to teach me the ways of Wicca.
The first section of this is not so bad; a lot of more traditional Wicca and witchcraft groups believe that it is ok to be nude. Hell, there are ton of Alexandrian news articles from the 1960s with a naked High Priestess in them. Though in all fairness to the Alexandrians, some of the nudity may have been simple advertising...because sex sells.

"The witches life and art is simple. It involves nudity, spiritual and physical self-confidence..."
But the second screenshot here of the basic information on how to join his coven....well, see if you can read it without saying, "Ewwww!"

Ok, so the Golden Wizard wants money and a nude picture. 
Did you manage not to say, "Ewww!"? If so, you have a stronger stomach than I do---and I used to write dubious erotica. And I am not sure that I would believe this story if I found it in the erotica section of a bookstore, or in those special adult bookstores.

So moving on, not only does Master Golden Wizard Luxas Aureaum of the Coven of the Rooting Circle--Witches of Maryland, want a two hundred and fifty dollar donation for the coven, he wants a full frontal photo of the applicant. I guess that all witches must be beautiful---or at least the ones that he admits to his coven.

But wait--it gets better. Again, can you read this without saying, "Ewww!"?

Oh dear, your "garden" tells us everything we need to know about your witchy aura.
In none of the traditional Wicca/witchcraft stuff in my possession have I found the keys and rules to judge how witchy a woman was based on the appearance of her "garden." Maybe my tradition is not as traditional as I have been lead to believe it is. Maybe Master Golden Wizard Luxas Aureaum is a more advanced witch than I am. Or maybe, I am perfectly correct that he deserves a Creeper Award. Again, if you disagree about him recieving the award, there is the comment section just waiting for your rebuttal.

Uhh, this request sounds like you requesting porn. 
And I am not sure that I trust this guy to destory the photos after viewing either, despite his honor as a guide and his sacred oath.

Ok, so maybe I am wrong about him being a creeper. After all, I have never been the best judge of character...my regular readers have heard some of my "bad coven and Order" stories. This is probably just how a really traditional group does things. There is probably nothing actually creepy about this guy...

Wait, are you saying that society morals are wrong about shielding those below the age of 16 from people like you?!
...but honestly, I have yet to convince myself that particular screenshot does not scream, "Danger Seeker! Danger!" While there is a chance that I am misreading the intent and moral belief system behind the statement, personally I think that Master Golden Wizard Luxas Aureaum of the Coven of the Rooting Circle--Witches of Maryland, with that statement alone deserves a Creeper Award.

Using this picture in your educational material is strange when the actual genders are accounted for. 
I am not sure that I trust his instructional material either. I think that it speaks for itself.

Hmmm, comparing yourself to Charlie Sheen....not worrisome at all. 
And this screenshot from his newsfeed, not troublesome at all if you ignore the ego and slimeness of the statement. Maybe I really do need a second opinion of whether I should reward him with a Creeper Award.

Creepy Rob Lowe approves of this wizard....which is also alarming. (Hey, it is a joke, ok?)
So on the behalf of up-tight witches and magicians everywhere, I proudly present Master Golden Wizard Luxas Aureaum of the Coven of the Rooting Circle--Witches of Maryland, with this Creeper Award.

I also want to give him a little advice:

Stay out of my local area because I will allow the other witches to stab you if you mess with their daughters, nieces, cousins, next door neighbors. and other young lady folk.

Friday, May 1, 2015

There is always a boom (Tarot Blog Hop May 2015)

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Welcome to another Tarot Blog Hop.

During the last Tarot Blog Hop, I noticed some comments about needing to keep the distasteful cards in the Tarot deck. That got me to thinking that writing about how to cope with the distasteful Tarot cards would be an interesting topic. And given that I am the wrangler (cat herder) for this particular round of the Tarot Blog Hop---Bwahahaha!

There is a sort-of famous quote from Babylon Five that more or less goes:

No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There is always a boom.

And sometimes I think that this idea applies to the Tarot. One is sitting there doing a reading; everything looks fine, and then you flip over the Happy Squirrel...and you know that your client is in for the worst year of their life.

What? Your deck doesn't have a Happy Squirrel in it? What sad Tarot deck are you using?

The Happy Squirrel
 But seriously, every Tarot reader has been there, as well as anyone who has gotten at least one Tarot reading. And you do not need a Happy Squirrel to cause problems. Do you want a list of cards that can cause problems?

Of course, you do.

Here is the list of Tarot cards that can cause problems...

All of them.

Given the right circumstances, every card is a Happy Squirrel in disguise.

But some cards are more troublesome than others. Each Tarot reader has their own personal list of cards that scream, "BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!"

The Hanged Man
One of the cards on my personal list is the Hanged Man. While there are many times when it is to be read as a sacrifice for a higher purpose or a better situation, there are times that it is far more troublesome. And this troublesome nature comes from its origin centuries ago.

In the oldest surving Tarot decks, the Hanged Man is often someone who was a traitor or enemy of the family that the Tarot deck was made for. If Jesus would have owned a Tarot deck, the Hanged Man would have been Judas.

And the possibilities for this type of energy is still rampant. Turn on the news, surf Facebook, look out your window, there are plenty of people to dislike. And today, we have social media...which leads to the caution:

Don't get filmed doing something that you don't want to see on Facebook. Today, angry villagers are not armed with pitchforks and torches; no, it is Facebook and Twitter that you have to worry about. Do you really want your own personal picket line?

Lightning Struck Tower
Another distasteful card is the Lightning Stuck Tower. While the Hanged Man is the poster child of greed and mistakes, the Lightning Stuck Tower is more along the lines of the hand of God.

Again, social media plays a role in how we encounter the card's energies in the present. One does not need to watch the nightly news to learn of the latest nature disaster sweeping away innocent villagers.

My advice for dealing with the Lightning Stuck Tower is to avoid putting yourself in danger.

Yes, that is easier said than done. But you can minimize some of your risk. For instance, don't scream that God is a Happy Squirrel while on a golf course in the middle of a thunderstorm...because someone might actually get that on film, and you really do not want to star in your own Darwin Reward video, do you?

Thanks for reading the thoughts of my rather nutty mind, and please check out some of the other bloggers who participated in this Tarot Blog Hop.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Flash review of Liber L vel Bogus

Today, I received my review copy of Liber L. vel Bogus--The Real Confession of Aleister Crowley (Richard T. Cole).  The basic premise of the book is that Crowley faked the receivership of the Book of the Law. And here is a flash review of the book that I posted to YouTube.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A circle of Bast

(Digging though my files, I stumbled across the ritual script that I used for an Open Full Moon ritual in 2010. The quarter calls have been used on several occasions since then, with minor changes to confirm to the purpose of the ritual at hand.)

Resetting the East (if the room is not set up right for GD-style ritual):

Oh mighty Bast, granddaughter of the Creator of the Universe, Lady of the Visible Universe, who by Thy Supreme Intelligence has explored and mastered the attributes and magnitudes of the directions, we invoke Thee to grant that whatever hidden and mystic virtue doth reside in the radiant East---the Dayspring of Light---the origin of life---may in answer to this our prayer be this day conferred upon the Throne of the Hierophant of this Temple, who is emblem of the Dawning of that Golden Light which shall illuminate the Path of the Unknown and shall guide us at length to the attainment of the Quintessence, the Stone of the Wise, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

So mote it be!

Opening East/calling Eastern quarter:

Hail Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the East, Protectors and lords of Air. Strengthen the element of Air in us and guide us in its ways. Tonight help us build a connection to the hidden intelligences of the astrological energies. Lead us to a greater understanding of the hidden genius that underlies the rituals.

So mote it be!

Opening South: 

Hail Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the South, Protectors and lords of Fire. Strengthen the element of Fire in us and guide us in its ways. Tonight help us build a connection to the hidden passion of the astrological energies. Lead us to a greater understanding of the hidden power that underlies the rituals. 

So mote it be!

Opening West: 

Hail Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the West, Protectors and lords of Water. Strengthen the element of Water in us and guide us in its ways. Tonight help us build a connection to the hidden intuition of the astrological energies. Lead us to a greater understanding of the hidden wisdom that underlies the rituals. 

So mote it be!

Opening North: 

Hail Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the North, Protectors and lords of Earth. Strengthen the element of Earth in us and guide us in its ways. Tonight help us build a connection to the hidden fertility of the astrological energies. Lead us to a greater understanding of the hidden creativity that underlies the rituals. 

So mote it be!

Opening Center:

Welcome almighty Bast, mother and protector, teacher and instructor. Plant the seed of the solar body in us and guide us in the ways of spirit. Tonight help us build a connection to the hidden spirit of the astrological energies. Bast, Heart of Isis, lead us to a greater understanding of the astrological energies’ function and role in ritual.

So mote it be!

Chant used to help charge a talisman:

Bast Guides
Bast Empowers
Bast Heals
Bast Manifests
Bast Accomplishes

Closing Center:

Thank you, almighty Bast, heart of Isis, for your presence here tonight. May what we have partaken of here tonight lead us to a deeper knowledge and connection with the divine forces of the universe. May there always be a bond of peace, harmony and instruction between us. 

Hail and Farewell!

Closing North:

Thank you Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the North, protectors and lords of Earth, for your presence here tonight. May there always be a bond of peace, harmony and instruction between us. 

Hail and Farewell!

Closing West:

Thank you Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the West, protectors and lords of Water, for your presence here tonight. May there always be a bond of peace, harmony and instruction between us. 

Hail and Farewell!

Closing South:

Thank you Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the South, protectors and lords of Fire, for your presence here tonight. May there always be a bond of peace, harmony and instruction between us. 

Hail and Farewell!

Closing East:

Thank you Bast and the guardians of the watchtower of the East, protectors and lords of Air, for your presence here tonight. May there always be a bond of peace, harmony and instruction between us. 

Hail and Farewell!

The circle is open, yet unbroken. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Golden Dawn stance on marijuana

One of the difficulties with a large tradition that is decentralized, and ran by numerous independent operators--such as the modern Golden Dawn tradition--is that it is hard for such a system to come up with universal policies.

And some people expect universal policies--it disturbs them when the leaders of two different Golden Dawn Orders disagree about a policy, for they expect a certain level of agreement within the tradition.

One of the policies that I am watching develop and evolve currently is the tradition's viewpoint on marijuana use.

It used to be more or less universal that admitting that you used marijuana would get you a demerit in Golden Dawn---after all, marijuana was an illegal drug, and no Order wants its members to engage in illegal activities---it was an offense that would end your membership in a proper GD Order.

(In fact, one of the nasty rumors spread though one of the flare-ups of the Golden Dawn flame wars---that wonderful time when certain Orders tried to drag the reputations of their competitors though the mud, in an attempt to create a monopoly for themselves---was that the leadership of a certain branch of the Order was engaged in the illegal trade of marijuana. Interestingly enough, no one ever went to the cops...so it might have just been one of the numerous lies told during the heydays of the GD flame wars.)

A few years ago, I openly came out as a supporter of legal medical marijuana, and later as a supporter of legal recreational marijuana. A lot of people in high positions of Golden Dawn leadership wanted to see me openly expelled from the system for my political beliefs about the subject. (Hey, I heard though the grapevine what people were saying about me.) To their dismay, they learned that the branch of the system that I belonged to was not inclined to expel me for my political beliefs, anymore than they were inclined to expel me for being a loud mouth blogger.

Today, you literally have to check with your superiors in the system to know which way to jump on the issue of marijuana. Some Orders will still expel your ass for using it; others are doing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy; and some Orders are going "if it is legal in your state, then we guess that we have to accept the fact that you are allowed to use it."

(I do find it highly amusing that one of the parties that used to trot out the "and their Chief is guilty of trading in marijuana" is now saying "ok, we guess it is ok if your state voted to make it legal"....which just proves my suspicion that the rumor was always about destroying the reputation of another group, and getting more customers for themselves.)

 So where is the Golden Dawn tradition ultimately going to end up on this issue?

Given that the national view on pot is changing, with half of the United States being able to use medical marijuana, and citizens voting to let recreational use happen, plus the little fact that the Feds have started to ignore it on the state level (all the recent busts in marijuana legal states involve syndicate, money laundering, and transporting of pot into states where it is still illegal), I think it is only a matter to time before the Federal Government reclassifies marijuana as a drug more akin to alcohol than cocaine.

Once that happens, I think Golden Dawn as a whole in the United States is going to be forced to embrace the "do not operate under the influence" stance on marijuana, which is the same stance that the system has on the use of alcohol. In other words, do not show up to Order events under the influence, and do not perform magic under the influence.

(Well, more or less...I have heard rumors that some GD leaders do not allow the use of any mind-altering substances, including meds for depression and bi-polar---as in being on prescribed meds will get you expelled---a rumor that worries me to no end, considering that some people like myself actually need such drugs. [Note that I was NOT on meds when I was allowed into GD, so my mental state is acceptable to some without meds...still I am a better, nicer person when I am on my meds.] And the rumor always makes me wonder if said leaders drink coffee, liquor, and use sugar--all of which are mind-altering substances, not alone do magical ritual which also alters your mind.)

Now, at this point, someone always brings up Crowley and Thelema--the Thelemic stance on drugs is much more simpler thanks to the fact that the Book of the Law contains a line that can be read as being pro-drugs. One could argue that you cannot be true Thelemite without doing drugs.

But here is the thing, Golden Dawn is not Thelemic---Thelema is just another religion, and we have to respect all religions. (The reason that Thelemics get tossed out of GD circles is that they insist that everyone needs to follow the Book of the Law and act like Crowley; in other words, they openly disrespect other religions.) While we have to respect your religion, we are also allowed to say that you cannot attend lodge while under the influence---it is not a religious right to be a disrupting agent in lodge.

And shamanism, and voudoun, and what not, again Golden Dawn is not those things---therefore, the stance that those systems have on drug use does not apply to GD either. Golden Dawn techniques are meant to be used for people who are sober...well, soberish.

Now, I know that someone will say "Gee, Morgan, we presume that you are doing the happy drug, surely that means that you have to allow people under the influence into a meeting." No, in fact, given my experience with marijuana, I must insist that you should not be operating under the influence. Honestly, I have a hard time cooking dinner under the influence of some strains of marijuana, not alone calling the divine names in the correct order. If I can't do magic under the influence, I presume that no one can. And no, I am not going to watch as you try to prove that you are better at handling drugs.

(For the record, I am using marijuana because I get migraines that can last for days on end. My record is twenty-two days. Given that fact, I think that my open support of legal pot is understandable.)

To recap: Do not operate under the influence, and "don't ask, don't tell," and stay legal.

Don't you hate it when dinner becomes a math problem?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Magic is NOT for everyone

Late last night, a person posted, in the Golden Dawn Facebook group that I help moderate, that they and their partner were in the process of creating a new course. This course is to be aimed at a mainstream audience, so it could not be too occult--but they are planning on cherry picking techniques from Golden Dawn and other systems...so essentially the occult would be disguised. And most importantly, the course had to be effective and reliable for the average individual in western society--all in the name of empowerment.

To say I have a few problems with this idea would be understating things. Personally, I think that the whole idea is a giant bag of poo. Here are a couple of comments that I made about it before the entire discussion got deleted (and not by me...I think that the original poster did not like what I had to say about his project):

"My mind keeps coming back to a problem I see with aiming it at the average individual---your average person is averse to change; your average person is averse to work. So unless you are making another "Law of Attraction" level course (most LOA stuff is...well, flawed---the only real work most of it does is to transfer money from the clients pockets to the person running the course), you have to figure out a way to make your average person accept change, and a way to make them actually work at the process."

"Unfortunately, GD methods are full of change and work....so you are probably going to have to lose this part of your course plan if you want your course to appeal to your average individual."

"And yes, if I was to create a course myself, aimed at the average individual, I would not go for anything more than happy New Age talk aimed at confirming that individual's opinion and biases are absolutely correct....because that is the amount of work and change that your average individual is willing to accept---absolutely no work and no change at all. Therefore, all the GD stuff has to be left out....along with the working bits of any other spiritual development system."

When the person shot back that they want to create human beings that think--I merely rolled my eyes...I have seen what passes nowadays as "critical thinking" training (basically if you do not agree with what the creator of the course thinks, you are labelled a troublemaker and showed the door). And I have seen firsthand the lack of actual thinking in this person's own postings on the internet, so I do not hold out high hopes that they can teach something that they themselves seem incapable of doing.

My "polite" parting shot was: "Here is the bottom line---if any of us knew how to accomplish this goal, we would be doing it already. And that includes you--if you knew how to pull this off, you would not be asking for input."

At this point of time, I was declared a defeatist by the other person, who then cited Gandhi, Einstein, and Tesla as people who had vision and had made a difference. It was right after this that I said "I guess that you are the Messiah."

I didn't get to say anything else because someone (and I think that it was the original poster, aka the creator of this "soon to revolutionize humanity" course) deleted the entire discussion.

Seriously, ideas like this worry me. Every course I have ever seen aimed at the masses is nothing more than a control and asset reallotment scheme (think like me, and give me your money! and feel good about yourself for making a difference....in other words, thanks for being gullible and buying me a new jet). And this individual's idea that people who subscribe to courses actually do the work is flawed---just look at the numbers of subscribers that pay for the BOTA course, who do not do a lick of actual work with the course...and that course is about empowerment and change.

No, the only real reason to create an occult course, no matter how watered down, aimed at the masses, Joe Q. Common, is that you are running a scam and want to fleece people of their hard-earned money, so that you do not have to work hard yourself.

If you actually want to make a difference, you aim at those individuals who can and are willing to become exceptional--you do not have to disguise the occult or make them feel good about themselves--and you never mistake them for the common herd.

Yes, magic is for all of you---and God wants you to send me your money because I need a new jet.