Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feeding time (Tarot Blog Hop)

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Hi everyone, welcome to the February edition of the Tarot Blog Hop.

The theme for this one is "Awakening the heart," a theme that draws off of the fact that the Tarot card associated with this time of year is the Star (assigned to zodiac sign Aquarius by the esoteric Order of the Hermetic Golden Dawn).

I must admit that I had a hard time with this theme. I actually thought about dropping out of the Hop--but I am stubborn, and kept my name in the list...because I always seem to figure out something to write about at the last second whenever I have a deadline pending and it is rapidly advancing upon me.

And just last night, just two days before we were due to go live, it all of a sudden dawned on me what to do with this post.

It happened when I was busy taking care of the litter boxes and feeding the many cats that rule my house.

Cats awaiting the return of fishermen--or dinner of fish.
One of the things that is associated with the Star is humanitarian efforts, charities and whatnot. Many people think that I am a heartless bastard because I seldom donate to charities that help people. And maybe I am.

On the other hand, I will go miles out of my way to help an animal. My time and energy goes not towards helping humans; it goes to helping feral and abandoned cats for the most part.

And when confronted by people that I should be helping humans instead, I tend to say that humans have a lot of people looking out for them, including themselves; animals on the other hand, have few champions. If nothing else, humans can always create a GoFundMe route; but I have yet to meet a cat that can remember a password long enough to create a Kickstarter.

So I am a heartless bastard that has rescued several cats.

In fact, I show the most heart when I am dealing with my cats.

Sad, but true.

Pet Tarot idea: the Star
Anyways, the idea I had was to revise the Star card for someone like myself who cares more for animals than humans. In all fairness, it is a horrible first draft of a piece of artwork; but the general symbolism is there...just in case, I ever decide to create a Pet Tarot.

[I would use animals for the suits. Lizards for fire; birds for water; dogs for water; and cats for earth. This suit arrangement was also part of the a-ha moment I had while feeding my cats.]

Bartie, a cat born from a feral mother, and who is now pretending to edit stuff.
And look at how cute this cat is. He is one of the bestest cats I have ever owned. And he was brought in from the cold by me.

And if that is not enough heart for you, too bad.

Thank you for reading this little odd post that had almost nothing to do with Tarot.

I assume that the rest of the bloggers taking part in this Blog Hop are all much nicer and more on point than I was...but I could be wrong, so you better go check to make sure.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Occult News Wire (a Facebook page)

Occult News Wire is a newly created page for occult news (events, interesting articles, the occasional cat picture [because cats are the secret chiefs]) managed by the very last person who should be deciding what occult news you should be interested in.

You can check out Occult News Wire on Facebook.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Die winter die

So today was Imbolic, Candlemas, or Groundhog Day, depending upon what you want to call it here in the Northern Hemisphere.

And I had nine inches of snow in my driveway.

At this point, there is only one thing to say:

Die winter! Die!!

Die winter! Die!
Not everyone was annoyed with the snow. My wife liked having a snow day (she is a school teacher in her "day job"). I will admit that I slacked off a little (I figured that my newest project was annoying enough without me having to do anything else today).

Some people even had some fun in the snow.

Peyton Snowmanning.

For instance, the folks at the local news station (KDVR Fox 31) attempted to build a snowman in the likeness of Peyton Manning (because how else do you show your support for the Denver Broncos on a snow day?). Unfortunately, the snow was a little too light and dry to build a snowman. Either that, or their snowman building skills are even worse then mine.

As for whether winter is ending soon, Denver has another cold week, and another snowstorm coming later this week, so it is at least another week of winter for those of us in Colorado.

Have I mentioned that I have been chanting, Die Winter! Die!?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy birthday Cthulhu

It is Cthulhu's birthday. Or at least, the anniversary of his first public appearance.

Cthulhu de Willendorf (MDE 2016)
While H. P. Lovecraft wrote The Call of Cthulhu in the summer of 1926, it wasn't until February 1st, 1928 that Weird Tales published the story.

Weird Tales--February 1928
Due to this little fact, some esoteric astrologers working with the mythos use this date as Cthulhu birthday when calculating certain figures.

[Shameless plug: You can buy a print of my Cthulhu de Willendorf on DeviantArt.]

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Salamander and Sons going out of business

Sad news: The occult publisher Salamander and Sons is closing shop.

According to the official closure announcement, this small occult press has "collapsed financially" and has ceased publishing. Until the end of March 2016, it will remain possible to purchase books from them (at a discounted price). And then...

...stock unsold after March 31 will be destoryed.

Please join me in the collective weeping over the death of this small occult press.

Salamander and Sons catalog...

...S&S catalog continued.

S&S closure announcement.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Read my stuff on Scribd

Yes, I have my stuff up on Scribd. 
A brief reminder: If you have a Scribd subscription, you can read my stuff on Scribd. This includes the articles that I have written for the Hearthstone newsletter, my poetry (Grandma's Broom), some of my fiction (Shakespheare's Monkey), as well as my short e-article on the magical images of the Wiccan sabbats.

Free USA shipping Valentine Day promotion (aka buy more pottery)

Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery, and its sister Etsy shop Khari's Wiccan Treasures is offering free shopping for orders in the United States when you use the code VALENTINES14 until Valentine's day (February 14, 2016).

Some of the stuff available at Khari's Wiccan Treasures.

Cobalt blue small mortar and pestle. 

She can also make customized chalices with the triple moon symbol. 

I love how the glaze turned out on this one. 
Some of the stuff available at Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery

Isn't this cute?

Food safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe. 

Fridge magnets including the Eye of Horus.