Friday, October 24, 2014

Cat Thieves (Halloween Kitty)

Mugshot of a cat thief.
 Honestly, I expected to find more pictures of cats with thief costumes on. But I didn't find that many. Then I realized why---all cats are thieves. What you think is your hamburger, your pizza, your pillow, your cup of water---a cat sees as theirs. Everything that you own, your neighbor owns, your dog owns, in the mind of a cat belongs to them. Hence from a human viewpoint, all cats are thieves.

Your Halloween candy was laced with catnip.
 That bucket of Halloween candy---it belongs to the cat---honest. (As I type this, my own cat is batting a lemonhead around the floor---it is not candy; it is a cat toy!)

Maybe kitty should quit doing drugs.
 I had cats get into my herbs; both catnip and valerian root has to be stored in cat-proof containers, otherwise, I end up with stoned kitties.

Money! Money! Mo-oney!
 Despite the evidence of this picture, I have yet to have a cat bring home any money. Maybe they are spending it before I see them with the hard cold cash.

Stripes makes thief kitty look guilty.
 Here is the lone thief costume that I found a kitty in. Dressing up a cat as a thief is probably a least, in the eyes of a cat.

Plotting, thieving, and no regrets.
The most common thing that cats steal (at least, at my house) is food. You can see the cats plotting and planning, reaching out to grab the food, and eating food that the humans thought was theirs. And in the end, the cats regret nothing.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spangles the cross eyed kitty dresses up (Halloween Kitty)

I be a pirate.
 One of the cutest kitties on the internet is Spangles, the cross eyed cat. Whenever I see photos of him dressed up, I just melt---he is so cute and awesome. And he has a Facebook page Spangles the cross eyed kitty. 

Spangles as a tiger.

Oh dear, it is a cross eyed unicorn cat.

Spangles the cross eyed dinosaur kitty will melt your heart.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crazy Cat people (Halloween Kitty)

Costume party at the crazy cat lady's house.
 It is hard enough to get a single cat in a costume, but four?! That is a crazy cat lady miracle.

Costumes make everyone feel better.
 I guess some people think that cats like wearing costumes---that it puts kitty in a better mood...I am not so sure.

No costumes, but still funny.
 Not everyone who owns multiple cats is a crazy cat lady; there is also crazy cat men.

Party down ye kitties!
Here are some cats who seem pretty calm about wearing party hats. Party down kitties.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Breaking Bad cats (Halloween Kitty)

Ask me about meth.
 In honor of the Florida mom who is having a fit that Toys R Us was guilty of selling Breaking Bad action figures, here is a bunch of cats breaking bad. (Seriously, I am more worried about the Walking Dead toys.) C'mon Florida mom, get upset at my blog---children might be reading this.

Yo Mr. White

Dressed to cook the meth.

The secret ingredient in the meth is catnip; that is what the recipe says, honest.

Mr. Heisenberg.

I am the one who knocks.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello Kitty is a cat (Halloween Kitty)

Hello Kitty is a cat.
A few months ago, the company behind Hello Kitty declared that Hello Kitty is actually a British girl, and not a cat. Here is my rebuttal to that bit of complete nonsense. See, Hello Kitty is a cat, or at least a Halloween costume for a cat.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Strange cookie (Halloween Kitty)

When cookies bite back.
While not exactly a Halloween costume, this cat decided to wear a cookie box, and pretend to be a tasty almond cookie. And the human was dumb enough to poke at the cookie. Bet the human will not make that mistake again.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wedding Cat (Halloween Cat)

Not a dignified wedding couple.
 Today's 31 Days of Halloween Kitties may not seem particularly scary, or even Halloweenly. But that is ok, considering that I am getting handfasted today to the woman that I have spent the last sixteen years with (or is it seventeen?), and have called my wife for the last twelve years (we brought a house together; therefore, we were married by common law, more or less).

How Victorian this wedding is.
What better way to celebrate my special day (hey, just because I am a man does not mean that it can't be my special day too), then some wedding kitties?
Every bride is a princess.
 Isn't this cat a special princess? All brides should be this radiant.

Now for the rebuttal.
I was surprised how few pictures I could find of wedding cats. Then I ran across the rebuttal and reason why there are so few pictures of cats in wedding garb---cats don't get married. Silly me, for thinking that they did.