Saturday, August 4, 2007

How to contact with Golden Dawn in Denver

I realized that perhaps I should mention how one would go about finding us (Golden Dawn) in Denver. The first thing to do is to send us an email. At the moment, all of the inquires come to me anyways, so lets just use the account I check everyday--rather than the official email address which I only check once a week.

After receiving the email, I will arrange to meet with you. My chosen meeting spot is the coffee room at the Tattered Cover across the street from East High School (on Colfax). Either that or we will try to obtain you a pass to the lodge's next public meeting (which is always the first Sunday of the month) and occurs at the house of one of the lodge's members who lives over by the zoo.

After the meeting, whether the public or the lodge's "meet and greet," you can decide whether you want to pursue the route to membership any further.

It is relatively easy to apply, provided that you can find this blog posting.

To inquiry about membership with the local Golden Dawn Denver lodge of the BIORC, visit the Bast Temple official blog for the latest information.

[Updated--June 21, 2013--updated link to current Bast Temple membership information page.]

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