Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why I moderate comments

Today, I was reminded of why I moderate the comments on my blogs (just like I would moderate posts on a public forum).

For some reason, when people realize that you are running a successful blog, they decide that posting advertisments and spam in your comment section is good business for them.

Now, I am not sure about any of my readers, but I do not need to see such nonsense in my comment section. It is bad enourgh that I have adsense on my blog according to some. I once had a person tell me that he, and his friends, would never read my blog ever again because I had adsense on it. Something about my credibility being questionable due to the fact that I had ads on my site.

It made no sense to me at the time; it still doesn't. I think that most of my readers know that I am a freelance writer. At least, I keep the ads subtle on my sites and blogs. Some people never ever notice them.

And I am open about what I am doing. I am not running around putting ads for my pages in someone else's comment section. If I leave a comment on your blog, it is because I read your entry, not because I am trying to get more business.

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