Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I need a stylebook for occultists

One of the things that I wish that I had was a stylebook designed for occultists. It may sound like a strange desire. But given the material that I write, I could really use one. I sometimes wonder if Llewellyn and other occult publishers have an in-house stylebook.

Has anyone seen something along these lines? How about one that is focused on astrology? Or the kabbalah?

Or do I need to create my own?


Al said...

I recommend banning mullets and black clothes! :-)

Theo Huffman said...

Dude! As a corporate editor and former wire editor, I am nerdily interested in this topic. If you ever come across such a stylebook, let me know about it, OK?

Unknown said...

It would have to include a ban on a ton of idiotic spellings we run into in our niche.