Saturday, September 12, 2015

Yes I said that (judgement and trust edition)

Earlier today, I read a post on Facebook where someone was asking about whether Buckland's Big Blue Book was legit or not. And I realized that I was judging people (and their ability to give correct Wiccan answers) based on their opinion of that book.

I mentioned this in another group. And someone questioned my right to judge people.

And I answered that I had no right, that I was just an angry blogger.

Then I tossed out this baby:

One of the nastier parts of being a human is that we have to occasionally judge people--do I trust this person with my money? Do I trust this cook not to poison me? Do I trust this person to give me decent answers about Wicca? It is an ugly thing; but if you trust everyone, sooner or later, someone has stolen your shoes.

Yes, that is right--that is my justification for judging people.

And feel free to judge me in the comment section---you know that you want to.

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