Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My opinion of the global witchcraft binding ritual of President Donald Trump

For those who can't bear to watch my latest video, here are the highlights.

1--Protest is part of the DNA of modern witchcraft.

2--Global binding rituals are a form of protest--it is how modern witches use social media--it is how witches get their voices heard. It is no more silly than Christian prayer vigils for gunshot victims and world peace.

3--Curses and bindings are how witches defend ourselves--it is our version of firearms.

4--No, the witches are not speaking for everyone. You are allowed to love President Donald "Jesus" Trump, and to think that he is doing an excellent job. And just like you having the freedom to tell people how wonderful Trump is, and to pray for him, so do witches have the freedom to express their opinion and exercise their religion.

5--If you were willing for Republicans to prevent Obama from accomplishing anything, and want Trump to erase everything Obama accomplished; and were going to encourage Republicans to prevent Hillary Clinton from accomplishing anything, including exploring impeachment (if she got elected), then you might be a hypocrite when you say that we have to give Trump a chance.

6--And yes, we know that it was not classy the way some witches did this--because it is supposed to look good on camera.

7--Witches were targets for witch hunts long before this ritual was performed.

8--And it is just lovely how you are more concerned with the person doing the harm, rather than the people being harmed. By the way you judge the rule of "harm none," we should have no prisons.

9--Finally, there are no black elements in the suggested binding ritual unless you consider protecting the environment and civil rights as evil.


Imperator David Griffin said...

Riiiiiight. And that is why you all called up "infernal forces" in the public ritual and sent them to bind half of the American people (those who support Trump). If your ritual was all hug-a-tree like you claim it is, then why didnt you call up Angels.

Give me a break from such dishonesty and self-rationalisation.

Luckily, as we saw with your silly video last Summer to keep Trump out of office, your Magick is totally impotent, so your opinion doesn't matter.


Morgan Fyfe-Williams said...

"your Magick is totally impotent, so your opinion doesn't matter"

This tells me everything I needed to know. ThankYou Nick.