Monday, May 10, 2010

Baking a bigger pie

One of the things that disturbs me is those magicians and witches who tell you it is wrong to do a spell for money because it will rob someone else. Often this attitude refers to abundance magic. Bet these people are horrified that I am going to be doing spell work to increase my income flow in the near future (it has to wait until after this semester finals when I have time to actually do both the magic and actual work to manifest the energies). Problem with this type of thinking is that it presumes that we are trapped in a zero-sum game. There is another way to deal with this: Grow a bigger pie. Don't believe me? Would you believe Donald Michael Kraig if he told you that was the solution to having your cake and letting your neighbor have theirs? We do not have to be poor; we have pie.

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Peregrin said...

Hi Morgan, thanks for this post.

I agree the abundance model is a much healthier system. However, I am aware of very few wealth magics that take into account the complex interdependencies required to 'grow a bigger pie' for all to enjoy. We can of course leave these details in the lap of the Gods. To do so with any meaning however requires us to have a deep relationship with these Gods, something I have found more likely in Wicca and Paganism than the GD and ceremonial magic.

Continuing with the pie model. Since GD magic is based on the compassionate RC tradition with Christian roots, I do not think we can legitimately just 'increase everyone's share of the pie'. If a millionaire has a ten percent income increase, a ten percent equivalency to the 20 000 people who die each day of hunger will mean very little. Most will still die or if they do not, they will still suffer. And the disparity between the millionaire and others will still be there. There is no systematic change, no reformation of the world, which lies at the heart of most religious and spiritual traditions.

I suggest we focus on both increasing the pie and equalising the slices. Again, most practical magic (in my experience) does not even attempt to do this, let alone being capable of making these changes.

Thanks :)