Friday, June 11, 2010

Am I antiTarot?

There are times I really love the comments I get to some of my occult related articles. Today, I got one on my Divination Adddiction article that said that the article was "just pretty much mindless anti-tarot propaganda and not much else." And I found myself trying to remember if that article was anti-Tarot.

It has been awhile since I wrote the article; it was written in September 2008 for Campus Connection (the student newspaper of the Community College of Denver). So I had to go look at it and double-check to see if it was nothing more than anti-Tarot propaganda.

Ok, I am not happy with the article; I think that I have grown as a writer since then. But I think that it is more than just anti-Tarot propaganda. I honestly think that divination addiction is a real problem for some people. And I think that you can tell that I am not anti-Tarot.

(This article is one of the two that started to shift me towards writing about my speciality for the college newspaper. The editor was not unfriendly to the possibility of having an astrology writer on the staff.)

I guess that this article falls under the same category as writing book reviews. If you do not completely agree with the beliefs of your reader (or the person that you are talking about), then you are biased.

It is a wonderful world where those who are supposed to be the most neutral about things end up being labeled the most biased by everyone that they disagree with. And yes, there is something seriously wrong with me because I find this amusing.

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Gordon said...

I'm with you on divination addiction as a real thing.

It's yet another psychological crutch for delaying decisiveness and actually living your life. Like alcohol, over-eating and over-cleaning your house can be.

The human brain is weird. It can get addicted to most anything.