Saturday, June 19, 2010

Secure website does not mean conspiracy

Today, someone posted a comment on my book review of Cults, Conspiracies and Secret Societies (Arthur Goldwag) that they were looking for information on the Secret Order of Libertines. The only thing that the person could find was their very secure website ("If you try to hack your way into this site, we will track your IP down and press criminal charges against you") and a newspaper story on Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein who is now rumored to be a member of the Libertines due to a ring that he was seen wearing.

Because of the lack of information and their very secure website, he drew the same conclusion that the newspaper made: The Secret Order of the Libertines must be up to no good.

"Little is known of the activities within, but one can only assume that - given their considerable efforts to maintain a veil of secrecy - they’ve got something to hide."

Having been in Orders with secure websites (including a couple that have been hacked and trashed), I can firmly say that having a secure website is not a sign that you are up to no good. After all, most individuals attempt to keep people out of their online accounts---is everyone in the world up to no good?

(I will admit that at first, I thought about citing banks and government agencies as my example---but I am not so sure that coorporations and various branches of certain governments are not up to no good.)

Let's presume for a second that the little bit of information and rumor we have about the Secret Order of Libertines is true. Is there anything inherient evil or troublesome in the rumors that we do have?

Liber worshippers. "[Liber was a] Chthonic fertility god. Italic. Originally associated with husbandry and crops, but then assimilated with Dionysos. The consort of Ceres and father of the goddess Libera. His festival, the Liberalia, was on March 17 when young men celebrated the arrival of manhood" (pg 146, Encyclopedia of Gods---Michael Jordan). So farm animals, grain, fertility, drinking and sex...nothing wrong with that if you like to have a full belly and celebrate on occasion.

Royality as members: nothing wrong with that provided that they actually pay their dues. Oh, they do not like slumming with the common is this different from the attitude of royality from previous ages?

The Catholic Church has denounced the Secret Order of Libertines as a sex cult. Gee, there is nothing wrong with that unless you think sex is bad and amoral. I am not above a good roll in the hay myself; how about you? And who hasn't the Church denounced?

The Order might be the inspiration for Dream Story by the 19th century Austrian author, Arthur Schnitzler. This novel was made into a so-so movie Eyes Wide Shut. Their membership has included Byron, the Marquis de Sade and Joseph Bonaparte...what?! Crowley wasn't a member?!

And that all we have on them, other than they have a secure website. Hmmm, I think that maybe they just don't want sex tapes of their orgies and rituals posted all over the internet. If so, then the most evil thing they have probably done is deny membership to Paris Hilton, and that is not exactly world domination is it?

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