Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crowleys Heresy

Apologies to all; this post might be more suitable to my Nerd Blog, but I figure the audience here will get a bigger chuckle from this post. And yes, I am sorry...I play Zynga's Vampire Wars on Facebook (small problem with not being able to sleep if I do studying or writing at a late hour; therefore, I play games on social networks).

The latest Limited Edition Ability Set to be won in Akem's Gamble (drum roll please): Crowley's Heresy

Yep, in the world of Vampire Wars, Crowley is a heretic. Go figure.

It is a typical Limited Ability Set (twenty days to collect the full set).

The first ability is Aiwass' Beckoning. Available January 5, 2010 to January 25, 2010. Aiwass' Beckoning is a movement ability (86 attack, 82 defense).

The second ability is Aeon of Isis. Available January 9, 2010 to January 25, 2010. Aeon of Isis is a defensive ability (66 attack, 102 defense).

The third ability is Aeon of Horus. Available January 14, 2010 to January 25, 2010. Aeon of Horus is a DEFENSIVE ability (63 attack, 105 attack).

Yes, you heard me right; Aeon of Horus is Defensive. But wait, it gets better.

The fourth ability is Aeon of Osiris. Available January 19, 2010 to January 25, 2010. Aeon of Osiris is an OFFENSIVE ability (101 attack, 67 defense).

Yes, that is right. The silly people at Zynga have (for one reason or another) decided that Horus is more defensive, and Osiris is more offensive. And so it goes. Oh well, it is just a silly game.

As always with the Limited Edition Ability sets, if by some miracle (or if you have a lot of favor points to burn, typically brought with hard cold cash), if you manage to collect all four of the abilities, you get a special ability as a capstone prize. In the case of the Crowley's Heresy Limited Edition Set, the big bonus ability is Master Therion (illustrated with a picture of the infamous Aleister Crowley making shadow puppets on the wall), an offensive ability that grants 183 attack and 82 defense.

I wonder what Crowley would say.


Peregrin said...

This is wonderful, Morgan :) thanks for the laughs...

Unknown said...

Hah! This is wonderful.