Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Self-Initiation Neophyte Oath of Obligation (SIGDT)

{The Oath of Obligation of the Neophyte Self-Initiation Ritual by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Changes are enclosed in square brackets---MDE.}

I am truly willing to take a solemn obligation in the presence of this assembly [of god-forms and symbolism] to uphold the sacred Mysteries and the current of the Light. I understand that there is nothing contrary to my civil, moral or religious duties in this obligation. Although the magical virtues can indeed awaken into momentary life in the wicked and foolish hearts, they cannot reign in any heart that has not the natural virtues to be their throne.

I, [Frater/Soror XYZ], in the Presence of the Lord of the Universe, who works in silence and whom naught but silence can express, and in this Hall of the Neophytes of the current of Golden Dawn, do, of my own free will, hereby and hereon, most solemnly promise by on this holy symbol of the Light, [the Red Cross crowning the White Triangle,] to dedicate my life to the pursuit of the mysteries of the mysteries of the Golden Dawn tradition of magic, and to the completion of the Great Work. I solemnly promise to persevere with courage and determination in the labors of the Divine Science, even as I shall persevere with courage and determination through this ceremony which is their image. I pledge from this day forward to strive with enthusiasm and devotion, in the study of the Hermetic Arts, seeing that such teachings are not given to those who wish only a cursory knowledge thereof.

I undertake to maintain a kindly and benevolent relation with all true seekers of the Light. I will respect all religions, seeing that all faiths contain a ray of the ineffable Light which I seek.

I pledge that I will not suffer myself to be placed in such a state of passivity, that any person, power, or being may cause me to lose control of my words, thoughts, or actions.

I vow that I will not debase my mystical knowledge in the labor of Evil magic at any time tried or under any temptation.

I solemnly promise not to flaunt or parade any knowledge I mayy acquire to those who are not seekers of the Light, lest our sacred Knowledge be profaned through my error, vanity, or neglect.

I swear upon this holy symbol to observe all these things without evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation. Furthermore, if I break this my magical obligation, I submit myself by my own consent, to a punitive stream of power, set in motion by the Divine Guardians of this current, who live in the Light of their perfect justice, and before whom my souls now stands.

They journey upon the winds, they strike where no one strikes, they slay where no one slays.

And as I bow my neck under the sword of the Hiereus [and almighty Horus], so do I commit myself unto their hands for vengeance or reward. So help me my mighty and secret Soul, and the Creator of my Soul who works in silence and whom naught but silence can express.

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