Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oath of the Portal Self-Initiate (SIGDT)

{The Portal Self-Initiate From Self-Initiation Into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Reworded sections enclosed in square brackets---MDE.}

[B]ecause of the increased influence that such advancement [to the Portal Grade] necessarily confers, and because of the increased power for good or for evil that will follow if, with steadfast will and aspiration, I take this step in essence as well as in form, it is necessary that I make further pledges which, as in the Previous Degree, contain nothing contrary to my civil, moral or religious duties.

[I willing take these pledges.]

I, (Frater/Soror) XYZ, pledge never to flaunt or parade the secrets of this ceremony to those who are not true seekers of the Light. I shall not abase my mystical knowledge in such a mundane manner.

Secondly, I solemnly promise to use whatever practical knowledge I may now or at any future time possess, for a good end alone.

Thirdly, I promise to regard all the knowledge imparted to me as a trust, given into my hands, not for my selfish advantage, but for the service of all mankind, that the ancient tradition of initiation be kept pure and undefiled, and the Light not be lost for those that seek it in this path.

Lastly, I solemnly promise to exercise brotherly love, charity and forbearance towards all true Seekers of the Divine Light.

[By Cross, Banner, Candle,] May the Powers of the Elements bear witness to my pledges.

[So Mote It Be!]

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