Monday, February 7, 2011

Official Bast Temple Recognition Policy

As I noted in an earlier post, my own policy is to give help and recognition on an individual basis. I do not give blanket recognitions of esoteric and occult groups.

With some of the Orders embracing (or rejecting) the various sides of the Zink EOGD expulsion schism drama, it was decided that the official Bast Temple policy for such situations needed to be discussed. And it was yesterday.

The policy decided was the same as my personal policy: Help and recognition is only given on an individual basis; no blanket recognition will be given to any Order or group. We will judge who we help based on their individual conduct and not on what Order they belong to.

This means that Bast Temple does not support either side in the latest Golden Dawn drama. Bast Temple is neutral as far as this latest situation is concerned.

Please note that this does not mean that I am going to quit blogging about the situation if I notice something that interests me, or that I think needs commenting on. Just because the lodge and Order is neutral does not mean that I have to be silent as I watch this drama unfold.

(And later, this week I do plan on blogging about the big question that the Zink EOGD expulsion schism brings up. Ye has been warned.)

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