Friday, February 11, 2011

QoD Pat Zalewski on Secret Chiefs

Over on the Golden Dawn Group yahoo forum, Pat Zalewski wrote:

I have been asked many times why I have no dealings with Secret Chiefs. Well, the first response is that they have not contacted me. The second is that believing in the secret chiefs and what they say [brings] the GD into a "belief order" and in my book either crosses the line into theology or is a step closer to it. You can say anything and place the secret chief tag over it and it's a done deal. Common sense goes out the window and when the secret chiefs are in charge you have a defacto cult or call it what you will. I have never heard of any secret chief producing documents of late that is significant and that is the key. I would rather see the GD without the control of secret chiefs and other such nonsense to plain old fashioned hard work and study. I produce papers almost on a weekly basis for my GD group and if I can do it the others can as well. So lets skip the bullshit and simply do the work.

To this my cats, the real Secret Chiefs, say:



Peregrin said...

Good quote, Morgan. Thanks.

As for the real Secret Chiefs, I have just found out in Tibetan folk wisdom dogs are considered to be the most evolved animals, ready to become human next time round. This is why they are so keen to be with people and hang around lots.

If so, this may explain cats - they have been human, and are quite happy where they are, thank you very much, not keen to get too involved again.

Evolving upwards from humanity is a keep characteristic of 'secret chiefs', so I guess you cats are the real deal :)

Alex Sumner said...

Fair play to him, if I had a book out on Amazon which relies on no-one coming along and doubting the interpretation I have made of my sources, I wouldn't recognise the authority of the Secret Chiefs either! :P