Friday, August 17, 2012

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Onyx is a feral cat.
Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. One of the things that I find sad is the fact that black cats have a harder time of getting adopted than other color cats. Over the years, I have only owned one pure black cat, Charlie (who passed a couple of years ago). I have also taken care of another, Onyx, who is the daughter of the feral cat couple that was the cornerstone of the little feral colony that came with the house.

Now, I have owned several mainly black with white highlight cats: Lucifer, Anubis, and Apollo. Anubis has his white placed in such a way that in many pictures, he appears as a black cat.

Anyways, be nice to black cats--they are my friends; I like them better than I like certain humans.

Charlie was an indoor cat with feral tendencies.

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