Friday, August 31, 2012

Princess Cleo does the clean sheet dance

One of my weekly tasks is to wash the sheets. (I tend to do housework while thinking about what I am currently writing.) And every week when I put clean sheets on the bed, Miss Princess Cleo does her littel happy kitty dance that the bed has clean sheets.

Miss Cleo is one of the rescue cats. She was the daughter of Sandy, the queen of the feral colony that we inherited when we brought the house. As a kitten, she broke one of her hind legs; it got infected and had to be removed--which is why she became an indoor cat. Most days, I can tell that she started out as a feral cat; she is a little demanding.

Going to the Hearthstone Community Church's Open Full Moon ritual tonight; it is a blue moon. My wife is staying home; she has to trim pots and herb jars. Some of them will end up at Spiritways; others will end up on her Etsy store, Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery.

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Tabatha said...

Pssst! Princess Cleo. Its me, Chloe. I only have a few moments while Tabatha is cleaning the litter box.

Don't forget to vote for Hank in the upcoming election. He's the Real Meow! And don't forget to vote "NO" on the Amendment to Ban Medical Catnip. The Feline Freedom Fighters will thank you!

Pass it on...gotta run....