Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do I really need to say that I am not a Nazi?!

[This blog post was in response to a blog post written by Donald Michael Kraig.]

Yesterday, Donald Michael Kraig wrote a blog post asking Golden Dawn leaders to come out and state that the esoteric tradition of Golden Dawn has nothing to do with the Greek political party of Chrysi Augi (which may have possible Neo-Nazi leanings). Kraig also wanted Golden Dawn leaders to state whether or not they support the ideals and goals of the Chrysi Augi.

Why? Because the Greek name "Chrysi Augi" translates into English as "Golden Dawn."

My first reaction to his post was to ignore it. Only later when I saw that it was a hot-button issue that I considered changing my mind. Honestly, I still want to ignore it--just like I ignored several others who have became concerned about this issue (which is basically that the news media decided to use the label "Golden Dawn" instead of using the proper name for the Greek political party "Chrysi Augi"--yes, this is all about lazy journalists).

Honestly, do any of us really need to come out and openly have to say that we are not Neo-Nazis?! or that the esoteric tradition of Golden Dawn has nothing to do with the Chrysi Augi outside of the misfortunate choice of names. (And we had the name first--1888 baby!)

Ok, maybe. There have been some Nazi and right wing supporters during the course of the history of the esoteric tradition that we know as Golden Dawn (Crowley springs to mind for some reason). And there have been rumors generated by some of the more hostile modern members that some of the other members (outside of their choice group, of course) are actually Neo-Nazis (there are also rumors that we all are in the employ of the SRIA and/or secret Satanists).

For the record, I am not a Nazi, Neo-Nazi, or a Pro-Nazi. Nor am I a member of the SRIA or an agent of their system. As for the Satanist part...well, according to some/most/all Christians if you do not worship Jesus, then you are a by that standard, I probably am...even if I do not believe in Satan personally.

Of course, some will point to my small collection of books on World War II, including two about Nazi uniforms, and tell you that I am lying. Why? Because it suits their purposes to have you believe that I am a Nazi, or a member of the SRIA, or a Satanist. After all, I dislike them, therefore I have to be evil.

So believe what you will...because you are going to anyways, right? It does not matter that I come from a line of Jews who became Catholics to avoid being burnt at the stake; if you do not want to believe the truth, you are not going to.

The official response to Kraig's request can be read on the official BIORC blog.

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J.C. said...

By the same token, as you share a name, I will need to see a written testimony that you are in fact not Morgan Freeman and that you are not a well-established and celebrated actor. :-)

Seriously thought, I get where some people are coming from. It is important on some level to make sure people know the difference and that there are two very different groups that sort of share the same name. An article I read today suggested the possibility that the head of their neo-nazi political party may be facing prison time, and that may destroy the party and in the long run hopefully that will cause this issue to disappear.