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Occult fiction of David Griffin (hashtag blackmagicianlivesmatter)

Occasionally, people ask me if I read occult fiction, and the answer is yes. Then they ask me who is my favorite occult fiction writer, and I typically name some unknown writer because that is who I am. But I will admit that there is one occult fiction writer that I follow with great interest...

...and that is David Griffin.

You can't beat David Griffin when it comes to surreal satire of Big Name Magicians, Big Name Witches, Big Name Pagans, and Big Name Occult Orders.

Take for instance, his current work in progress #blackmagicianslivesmatter

Griffin is not trying to start a civil war...
A few days ago, Griffin posted a link to advertise his satrically named Occult News Network mailing list and Facebook page. Then he proceeded to share it with a hundred different Facebook groups, just the way that we see people hawk their expensive seminars, webinars, and badly researched and formatted books.

Some of these "ads" ended up in various Chaos Magic groups, a couple of which who did not take lightly to being spammed (they were ignorant that this is a performance piece of art) and they booted Girffin from their groups.

And then Griffin, the master story teller that he is, weaved this booting into his long running series "Hordes of black magicians are coming to enslave you using puppies and bacon."

Here Griffin introduces the villian--a black magician pretending to be a chaos magician.

Something, something dark side; let me save you. 

And here is your hook to popular culture, a common tactic of the snake oil salesman. 
And this story has it all: black magicians drunk with power, pretending to be harmless chaos magicians; civil war; race issues; a master magician armed with the sword of knowledge determined to free mankind from enslavement from black magicians.

Now, for those of you who missed the earlier installments of this comedy, Griffin started writing this a couple of years ago when he invited E. A. Koetting to his famous Magickall event. Just like in this case, he argued that the magical community, Golden Dawn in particular, was racist for protesting that his performance piece was unacceptable (basically, the Golden Dawn community missed the satire and irony of inviting a "black magician" to an event sponsored by an organization that traditionally swears to have nothing to do with "black magic"). How was it racist? Well, just substitute "negro" for "black" and you will see that Golden Dawn is racist, just like the secret black magician pretending to be a chaos magician is in the latest chapter of this story.

Anyways, at Magickall, E. A. Koetting did a long lecture, and both EAK and Griffin wrestled with one another (just like Grave Digger and Hawk Hogan used to do).

This wrestling match was met with such a roaring success that both Koetting and Griffin promptly declared each other arch-enemies; Koetting blaming Griffin for his arrest; and Griffin blaming Koetting for the vast army of soulless black magicians who assassinated Kennedy, created chem-trails and GMOs, and who now control the entire economic and political system of the world.

Now, the best part of this is the ongoing series "Hordes of black magicians are coming to enslave you using sex magic and demons, lots and lots of sexy demons" is how Griffin has crowd-sourced the creation of a mythical war between white magicians and black magicians, a war that will allow the hero (a mighty occult knight who is the embodiment of King Arthur and Merlin MacGregor) to save us all.

Yes, you too can help Griffin create and write this great saga by using the hashtag #blackmagicianslivesmatter (which will get great attention because it proves that your average magician is racist--yes, Fox News will pick up this story because of the outrage that the black community will have to have for the idea---for one, there is the black react to magic in general [see The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore for details], and there is the totally true fact that police forces of the world are just chock-full of black magicians using wands that shoot out steel balls to eliminate anyone who suspects their slavery to this evil cabal).

That's right, you can post a link to a chem-trail article, or a Fox News report, or a video of President-for-Life Trump shooting a puppy, or Sauda Arabia burning a witch, blame it on black magicians (using the hashtag #blackmagicianslivesmatter), and help create a real civil war between white magicians and black magicians, so that the hero (who will be played ny the greatest actor in the world, the ever sexy David Griffin) can swoop in and save the world.

This story needs to be told, so get to using that hashtag:  #blackmagicianslivesmatter

[As a sidenote, one must boo the horrible response so far. EAK and his pet chaos and black magicians have done absolutely nothing yet with the hashtag #blackmagicianslivesmatter. There was only one mention of it on twitter, and three mentions of it on Facebook (one being a question in a secret group asking if anyone was using it yet; the other two was Griffin telling people to use it).]

Twitter results previous to this blog post. 

Facebook results previous to this blog post. 
[Furthermore, one must boo the audience of this performance piece who obviously are not sosphicated enough to understand the art of satire, and are treating this story as if Griffin is just a big liar trying to drum up business. Please respond as if the story Griffin is telling is true, and it will make it a better piece of entertainment for all of us fans of this series.]

It is the right of the story teller to create a mythology. 

Satire, people, satire--do not mistake satire for ad spam. 

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