Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rejects and Believers

One of the things that one currently sees in the Golden Dawn blogosphere is a relatively complete rejection of Secret Chiefs by one GD camp, and an absolute total acceptance of Secret Chiefs by another GD camp.

The Rejects generally view the stories told by Mathers and others about being in contact with the Secret Chiefs to be so much myth-making on the part of Mathers and later leaders trying to justify why they should be given total control of the Golden Dawn.

The Believers believe that Golden Dawn is only real and true when it answers to someone who claims to be the mouthpiece of the Secret Chiefs; and this justifies all actions that leader and their group takes, however dubious those actions are.

And both sides point to the stories that Mathers told about the Secret Chiefs as their primary evidence. Secondary evidence takes the form of the teachings that Mathers and later Golden Dawn leaders have installed into the system.

As a historian, I note that Mathers changed his story as time went by--therefore I consider all parts of his story and claims suspect. As an Adept, I note that the Rebels in the original Order did not care that Mathers was in contact with Secret Chiefs and chose to break off anyways--therefore I conclude that the information that Mathers was giving them was not enourgh to put up with his behavior. As a human being, the fact that Mathers was fooled by Madame Horos and Aleister Crowley makes me think that Mathers wasn't the brightest apple in the barrel.

This opinion will get me called an evil historian, a false Adept, and an anonymous troll by the Believers. The Rejects will notice that there is a cat in my lap as I write this post. The evidence doesn't actually matter--only my unfavorable opinions and the presence of the cat will determine what you think of me. Such is the politics of the modern day Golden Dawn and its representatives.


Rufus Opus said...

Opinions are like reasons for believing things... everyone has 'em, nobody really cares.

zirdo said...

Yep some might even believe that evoking a dead human as a 'godform' is necromancy.

IzzyGumbo said...

oh meow... I like reading you.