Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stick pins in Wil Wheaton

It is Wil Wheaton and his little poppet.
There are days that I am shocked at the things that bubble out of my brain...though in all fairness, it is other people who have drove me insane. Today's shocking thought is that one could stick pins in Wil Wheaton.

Ok, maybe I should explain.

Yesterday, Wil Wheaton unveiled the fact that you could buy a little plush doll of him. Yes, that is right--a plushie of Wil Wheaton. Of course, my first thought was "Cat toy or poppet?" Because anything like that around my house would become one or the other. Maybe both.

At a certain point, the image of Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) drifted across my mind. "Let's test your idea. We will all stick our pins in Wil Wheaton on Friday the 13th and see if he gets a great pain in his beard." Let's call that occult science, shall we?

Of course, at this point in time, Wil Wheaton is wondering if there is any way to prevent me from ever reading his blog ever again. But it could be worse, I could make him collate papers.


Unknown said...

Be careful he tends to do stupid things with Nanobots

Deanna Bonds said...

Can you make him send us some of his home brew, maybe his Arrogant Bastard brew.

I like Wil. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.