Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Remembering Mark Imhotep

Today, I was reminded of Mark G., better known as Frater Imhotep to many of us. It was one of those automated birthday reminders. I would send him a card...except that he died last year. (Not that it stops one from sending a card--it just makes delivery of the card very iffy.)

Many of us knew Mark Imhotep (as I refer to him among the members of my own group) as the heart of the Sanctuary of Maat, an online group that helped people using the Cicero's Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition. Mark was a big promoter of peace in the Golden Dawn community. I do not know about anyone else, but I miss his presence in the Golden Dawn community.

May the wings of Isis protect him. May Anubis guide him. May Osiris welcome him as a son. ALCAAM. Amen.


Aaron said...

Mark was a generous and kind hearted person. His Sanctuary of Ma'at was a shining beacon for those seeking the GD Tradition, but who had no access to physical temples. He would be proud to know that his Work has lived on in the Ordo Stella Matutina - of which he was also a founding member.

He is very much missed. Thanks for posting about him - he is surely still with us in spirit. :)

Care Frater Imhotep!

Vavsie said...

I didn't know. I feel sad that no-one saw fit to let me know. I am happy that our last exchange was peaceful and that we parted on friendly terms. I do not know the details of his departure, but I hope that he fulfilled the quest that dominated this incarnation. May God bless and comfort his daughters.

Aaron said...

Vavsie - if I had known you hadn't heard, I would have made sure to get word to you somehow. :( We actually did keep it quiet for a little while, out of respect to his spirit and his loved ones. Then we let folks know on the MWG when we announced the official closing of the Sanctuary of Ma'at.