Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thirty years of hard work (or Devil Kitty in a Box)

For all your hard work, we are proud to present you with Devil Kitty in a box.
As most people in Golden Dawn know, or you will as soon as you read the internet today, thirty years ago Israel Regardie consecrated the Vault of the Adepti that the Ciceros built. There is an official thanks to the Ciceros for all their hard work floating around the internet today; for instance, there is a copy of it on the official Bast Temple blog. Yes, I signed it, and I am proud of the fact that I signed it.

But I think that the Ciceros deserve something more for their long service to the Golden Dawn community. Therefore, I am pleased to present them with a picture of Devil Kitty in a box. I would present them with the actual cat, but Devil Kitty bites. My lady lodge members think it might be rude to actually gift them with a semi-feral cat (the first cat that my wife and I rescued after buying our house). There is also the little fact that Devil Kitty only gets along with me and my god-daughter.

So the Ciceros are going to have to settle for a picture of Devil Kitty as a reward for all their hard work. I hope that they understand. And if not, they are free to come to Denver and pick up Devil Kitty, who will positively love them to death. Did I mention that she bites?!


M.C. said...

He doesnt attack your other cats? Hell my cat Spook doesnt look half as devilish and he kicks the hell out of my dogs

Tabatha said...

Thank you for this greatest of gifts -- Devil Kitty in a Box.

Chic and I used to own one of these, her name was Lealah, a long-haired torti-polydactyl who lived to be 17. Many of our friends got to experience our Devil Kitty close up and personal. Her favorite trick was to convince people that she was a friendly, loving kitty. She would rub-rub against their legs with sweetness--until they reached down to pet the nice kitty. Then POW, Devil Kitty would emerge with a hiss and slap their hand away!! She would have been a prime case for Jackson Galaxy.

Thank you again for the gift of Devil Kitty!

Morgan Eckstein said...

MC--She does attack the other cats on a daily basis--and she is the smallest cat in the house.

Kevin Tom said...

Dominant female, aye :7

Alex Sumner said...

She's with Ceiling Cat now - watching you Initiate :-)