Sunday, September 16, 2012

Informed the lodge about the impeding peace and harmony

Sometimes, I am amazed at the things that I do as an officer of the Order (BIORC) that I find personally distasteful. Yesterday, I duly informed the members of the lodge of the upcoming Peace and Harmony Pow Wow being hosted by the HOGD/AO. And noted that they were free to go to it if they wanted to; the choice is theirs--just like the choice is theirs to decide whether or not to trust the leadership of the HOGD/AO.

Honestly, it was as painful as going to the dentist. My distrust of the HOGD/AO, and its leadership, goes back to at least 2009 (when they decided that my honest book reviews were not honest and part of a conspiracy), and have merely been compounded over the course of this year (having my reputation destroyed once makes me extremely hostile to anyone who takes it upon themselves to repeat that deed). Plus, their recent disapproval of my actions reminded me of the "we are not trying to control your entire life, but we really know best" behavior of my bad parent.

I also informed the members of Bast Temple that I would not be acting as the Order's official representative if I decide to go the peace gathering. I will merely be acting as an individual--if they want a peace treaty with the HOGD/AO, they have to send someone else.

So I have done my part as an elected officer of the system for peace and harmony. It is now up to them to decide what to do.

As for my attendance of the peace gathering, I am still undecided...for now, it is better that I just focus on my business, and wait to see how things work out.


Fra. M.S.M. said...

Thank you brother for showing a sign of peace! I hope this step will ultimately melt the ice... Also I can understand your personal feelings which are based on past experiences, but this is good that you overcame it for higher good. It could be so, that it's like going to dentist, but that's necesarry if you have a bad tooth (I mean warring Golden Dawn community). Also it's not about trusting/ distrusting someones leadership but about accepting token of peace. And lastly, in my humbly personal opinion, that's not the only thing which you could do as an elected chief. Surely you yourself could promote Golden Dawn peace and harmony, for example, by organising similar meetings. Nevertheless, thank you once more for your good faith!

In Light, Life and Love,

zirdo said...

Frater on behalf of the entire Golden Dawn commuity
I want to thank you for throwing your self on the grenade... well, hot potato posing as a grenade.

Bring bacon