Friday, September 7, 2012

25 percent off sale at Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery

My wife is having a 25% off September sale at her Etsy store, Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery. That includes her herb jars, and mortar and pestles, as well as the pendants and jewelry that she makes. All of her jewelry features handmade ceramic pieces; and the jars, dog and cat bowls, as well as the mortar and pestles are handthrown on the potter's wheel. Her work is fired in a studio that has a statue of Khnum sitting just a couple of feet away from the kiln--occasionally I do Tarot readings and Golden Dawn business in the studio (late at night), so there are probably exposure to other gods and goddesses (energies) also...try not to hold that against her pottery.

The coupon code for the September sale is SEPTEMBER25.

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S.V. said...

Absolutely beautiful work. I recently purchased a mortal and pestle and am very pleased with it.

Recommended :)