Thursday, September 6, 2012

Changed the header to reflect the truth of this blog

Collect all the cats--including the ultra-rare Mint Green Cat.
Decided to change the header of this blog from: "Some personal thoughts and experiences from Morgan Drake Eckstein, web master of the BIORC--an independent branch of the Golden Dawn, about Wicca, Tarot, and the esoteric traditions in general. The opinions expressed are the writer's own, and do not represent the official position of any particular mystery tradition. In fact, his opinions will probably offend you, and he will refuse to apologize for doing so; don't say that you were not warned."

Now it reads: "A not-so-serious blog about all things occult."

Loki's Wisdom was supposed to be my humor blog.
 Awhile back, I tried to move my humorous postings to my Loki's Wisdom blog; there was also supposed to be an ongoing cartoon for that blog. It basically did not happen.

What I subjected to at home--demands to fill up the cat bowl.
Part of the reason, it did not happen is the simple fact that there are so many things that I find mockable in the occult community. And for awhile there, I simply did not have the time to focus on more than one blog--I was trying to finish up my college degree.

Then some people decided to claim that I am the class clown of Golden Dawn...and now I can't move my humor off of this blog. While I would like to be a serious writer of all things occult, my reputation has been sealed as a clown. Therefore, it is best that I just re-write the header--so that new readers know that if they want serious esoteric secrets, they need to go elsewhere...because what I offer is bad jokes, angry rants, and lots and lots of cat pictures.

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