Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9 of 2nd Annual 31 Days of Halloween Kitties

Nick Fury, Kitty of SHIELD, is annoyed.
Ok, let's me admit to my not-so-secret life as a geek and/or nerd (I am never sure where the line is between those two)--I just love this particular Halloween cat costume idea. When I was growing up, Nick Fury was a white guy chomping on a cigar. Then he became a awesome black guy in the recent movies (hey, I think the Nick Fury of the current round of movies is awesome!)--one that we need to see a whole movie centered around. So how can you improve Nick Fury? I didn't think that you could. I was wrong. Pissed off black kitty is the ultimate Nick Fury--just give him a catnip cigar and he is good to glare at you.

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