Saturday, November 10, 2007

So we voted to continue

So a quick update, the members of Bast Temple voted to continue working together. Just in case, anyone was curious about what we decided.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

To continue as a lodge or not...

One of the things that has been on my mind lately is whether or not, the lodge I belong to is going to continue to exist. We are in one of those periodic membership crisises that it seems prone to. And we just lost our most experienced officer.

It is times like this that I look at the mission statement and ask if the lodge needs to continue. The purpose that Bast Temple was formed for was to provide classes and initiation into the Golden Dawn system.

With the arrival of the Esoteric Order of Golden Dawn in Denver, a Sanctuary (whatever that is--I think a Sanctuary is a study circle), does Bast Temple even need to continue?

I guess it going to depend upon who you ask. For me, involvement with the EOGD is just not going to cut it; I am not the right religion to be a member of their Inner Order if the rumors are true. And they do not exactly approve of what some of the things that I was taught, the expansions of the Inner Order material in particular.

Besides, I am a poor college student, and I understand their dues are much higher than Bast Temple's. So for me, Bast Temple still has a function.

I wonder what the rest of the lodge is going to vote. We will see today.