Sunday, March 27, 2016

What I write about (or Why you should ignore me)

An unscientific look at what I write about.
Occasionally, people ask me what I write about. Normally, I tend to shrug my shoulders and mutter something about writing dubious erotica for money. That or I just come out and say, "I am an angry blogger; therefore, whatever pisses me off this week." And I do seem to spend a lot of time pissed off.

For proof of this, you need to go no further than my latest ebook, a collection of articles that I wrote for the Hearthstone Community Church's newsletter (Hearthstone is the "open full moon people" who help host open Wiccan rituals in Denver, Colorado).

Conducting an unscientific study (basically, chicken scratches on a piece of paper as I scrolled though the finished collection), it turns out that I am angry a lot.

[Exactly how unscientific is this method? Well, using this same method and applying it to other occult writers, I found that the person who claims to be the biggest expert in my field only seems to write one type of post....which has nothing to do with the occult...unless you define the occult as big C conspiracies. Another expert seems to be stuck in meme and Law of Attraction land. And so forth. And given the claims of these people, it is obvious that the method used here is wrong...because the results say that I am actually spending more time writing about magic and the occult while in a blind rage than they do 24/7.]

And I mainly seem to be angry at other occultists, who I feel are sponges and/or dangerous lunatics providing bad information to seekers. When I entitled the collection "Thirteen Signs That Your Occult Teacher is Rotten," I did so because the signature piece was my thirteen warning signs article; but looking at the rest of the ebook, at least a quarter of the ebook is me throwing rotten tomatoes at bad occult teachers.

Perhaps, I would be less angry if I spent less time on Facebook. Or maybe not.

Now, I will admit that this collection has a few oddities in it. For instance, I talk about family and death a couple of times; and that is not normal--my excuse is that my mother had died during this writing cycle and this was part of my working though the issues.

There is also that point when I talk about being an occult celebrity (I am not really, but...), that mode one finds oneself in when one's reputation precedes you. So that is not normal.

And talking about how Karma is really not part of Wicca....wait, nope, this is me being angry at the stupid things that so-called occult experts and teachers tell people.

So you probably should just assume that any place that I seem not to be raging against bad occult teachers is actually a hidden pocket of rage that I managed to whitewash.

Never fear, I will continue to rage at the shoddy occultists who have weaseled their way into positions of leadership and teaching. Heck, I have already wrote an article about such people this year, so that part seems to be a constant.

And just remember, me bad-mouthing other occultists, especially those who know more than I do, is exactly why you should not read my stuff; nor enable my rage by buying my little ebook collecting last year's (plus a few articles from the year before) at your favorite online ebook retailer. Don't reward my bad behavior by sending me a dollar.

Thirteen Signs That Your Occult Teacher is Rotten is available at many fine ebook retailers.


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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Money in those cards

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The theme for this Tarot Blog Hop is Tarot and finance. Oh, that dirty, filthy evil lucre.

The wrangler of this Tarot Blog Hop asked some questions to give us inspiration for this post.

"Have you done your taxes yet?" Oh hell no, that is next weekend that the accountant comes over to help me and my wife fill out those dreaded tax forms.

"How do you use the Tarot in relation to matters financial?" I use it as a thinking tool and model (because I am guilty of applying this model to everything).

"Do you make a living from it?" No, not yet. But someday, I do plan on making Tarot an income path for myself (along with all the other projects that I am working on).

"Do you sometimes have a sneaky peek to help you pick lottery numbers or have a flutter on the gee-gees (and have you had any luck)?" I gave up playing the lottery years and years ago. Now, if we are talking about the Writer's Lottery (where one is gambling that one's writing is going to make a buck or two), then why yes, I have used the Tarot to peek at the future success of some of my projects.

"Do you take the risky path of advising others on financial matters or is  a no-go area?" Yes, I have done Tarot reading for people that involve finances: typically, job related questions. And yes, I have charged for these readings...though one must note that on occasion, I have been paid with chickens, cheese, and peanut butter.

"Is it just the Pentacles for money matters or do you associate other less obvious cards with this area?" Uh, the whole deck relates to money...

Just some ideas that I have for a Tarot deck, or two. 
One of the things that I have learned reading the Tarot cards is that the deck (no matter which one you use) becomes all about the subject of the question. Sure, there are those nasty shot-gun readings, where the cards ignore the question and pepper answers about all areas of a person's life, but often that is because the person's life in one big ball of wax and manure where everything needs fixing and one's issues in another areas of life is wrecking one's ability to make money.

A project that I have kicked around doing is a Monetary Tarot deck, a deck where every card is focused on money and finances. And some of those ideas have made their way into previous Tarot Blog Hop posts.

For instance, this version of the five of pentacles from a previous Hop.
One of the reasons that I would like to have a Monetary Tarot in my collection is it would help with cold reading. One of the cold reading techniques I learned is that the client's choice of Tarot deck tends to be related to the question they are asking. I have a Tarot deck with lots of lace and pink in it, and I know that if a client picks that deck, the question is all about relationships and love. I figure a Monetary Tarot would work the same way; if a client picks it, then the question has to be all about money.

Kicking around possible art ideas for such a deck, I have highly considered using money as the background of the cards. The Magician card of this particular post is an example--though I think I am going to re-do it and make the bill yellow instead (for contrast purposes); or maybe find an actual piece of paper money that is yellow for the background (though using Ol' Ben for the Magician card has some appeal to me as a historian). And certain types of money would be better for certain cards than for others---I am thinking of using Chinese Heaven Money for the Hierophant, and Chinese Hell Money for the Devil card. And for the suit of Pentacles, use actual coins to stand in for the pentacles.

Of course, for me, the question would be "Has someone else done this already? And is there an actual market (or need) for a Monetary Tarot deck?" Because I suspect that I would have to drop some monetary resources into completeing such a deck. Then again, occasionally, I do the art just because I want to. In my fantasy world, someday I complete one of my silly Tarot decks and people actually buy them in sufficient numbers that I can smile at my wife, and be able to honestly say that I am making money as a Tarot artist. Yes, I am hoping to find money in them there cards.

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Crowley is Day and EAK (yes, I said that)

Today, in a Facebook discussion, I said that Aleister Crowley was the Christian Day and E.A. Koetting of his day (lawsuit happy, insulting, drug-using glory hound who insisted that the world rotated around his revelations and teachings). Now, I realize that this was an unfair comparison; but damn it, I could not come up with a better one to illustrate how Crowley acted in his lifetime.

And now for some memes...

Would Crowley do Miley? Maybe if she sounded like a goat.
Mandatory Koetting joke with that age old question. 
Sorry, this Christian Day meme always makes me laugh. 
Now to be fair, I do think that two of these three would be interesting to have a drink with. The third one, well, I am fortunate that I never have to worry about running into him.

And speaking of people I won't drink with: Why did I not include [name redacted]? Because no one knows who the fuck he is! I was trying to illustrate why Crowley was so scandalous in his lifetime--not make him roll over in his grave--and a complete unknown (outside of those circles) does not serve the purpose of the joke, even if he does like to claim that he is more famous than Crowley. Remember any joke you have to explain does not work (with the exceptation of Eddie Izzard, who is great at making jokes that need explaination work).

And this concludes today's edition of "Yes, I fucking said that." Tune in tomorrow when I go on to makes jokes about how Cthulhu would make a better President than anyone currently running.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hex the vote (part 1)

 Every couple of years, Americans look at the television set, or their computer, or smart phone, and say to themselves, “Damn, American politics is fucked up.” OK, maybe that is too much of a generalization. Some Americans say that every day while others might never notice that politics is a mighty strange business. Meanwhile, the rest of the world can’t figure out how our system of government works—which is not very surprising considering that not even members of our own government can  explain our government in terms that a five year-old can understand—which in turn, says nothing about the intelligence of people in foreign countries, and everything about the fact that our system of government was designed by people who did not trust any form of government that they were familiar with and therefore, decided to create a brand new way to mess things up.

In the United States, we have a democracy. And by democracy, I mean that we cast votes for people who are supposed to represent our interests, and for little key chunks of law that entire pyramids of legalistic goo are built upon. It is a representative democracy.

Our representative democracy exists for two reasons. One, the technology for a direct democracy, where one person’s opinion equals the exact same weight as someone else’s opinion, and a simple majority carries the day, simply did not exist when our system of government was created; tallied votes could only travel as fast as a horse mired in a swamp. Two, the founding fathers did not believe that everyone’s knowledge of government and the law was equal, therefore, they gave more weight to the opinions of “political experts” than to your average tavern stool sitter.

Now, let’s be clear about something: direct democracy would lead to our extinction. Take for instance, the issue of witchcraft. Given that many people believe that we should be a pure Christian nation, believing that the founding fathers meant for the Bible to be the guide of law in this country, anything that goes against what they think the Bible says, in the minds of these people, should be against the law. And given that the Bible says that one should not allow witches to live, well, it does not look good for the witches. Don’t bother to argue that those who embrace the Bible are selective in what they believe that the Bible outlaws; for instance, bacon loving tattooed men are outlawed; such arguments are ignored by those who insist that the Bible is the end-all of morality and law. And the people who believe such things, if given the route of direct democracy, would vote to throw witches in jail before dousing them with gasoline and lighting matches.

Fortunately, direct democracy was feared by the founding fathers. In order to jail and burn witches, first you have to convince enough people that it is a good idea. Second, you would have to change the Constitution, which contains an amendment that hints that freedom of religion, even nasty unchristian religions, is allowed; because otherwise that nasty judicial branch might strike down your law, and tell you that you are not allowed to roast marshmallows over a burning witch. Those nasty founding fathers simply did not trust people to play nice with one another. Unfortunately, the fear of direct democracy also gave rise to professional politicians and experts.

At top of the United States’ political heap is the office of the President. Every four years, we have a Presidential election, including a campaign cycle that seems to just be getting longer and sillier. The voters have two says in this matter, once in the primaries and caucuses, and once during the actual election itself. Bookmarking these events are enough political ads, debates, and other strange nonsense that one finds themselves believing that American politics is overseen by a zombie donkey and zombie elephant because there is no way that either animal could put up with that much nonsense and still be alive.

During this process of selecting a President, not everyone’s vote counts the same. In one of those political arenas that requires a political pundit to explain, the votes of certain states matter more than those of other states. And in a couple of these caucuses, recently we saw a coin flip, or card draw, determine the final vote. Plus, there is this strange concept of super-delegates, where one person’s vote (select elected officials) count as much as thousands of other votes made by ordinary people. On top of this, we have the Electoral College, where the votes of certain states are worth more than others. And after all this, if things go really odd, one can end up with the Supreme Court deciding who is President.

Given all this complicated procedure, one can easily come to the conclusion that one’s vote does not count. That is not true; it is just that our system is designed so that the masses who only think about politics every four years can’t completely take over. Our system is designed to be run by professional politicians, but—and this is when you have to remember what type of democracy we actually have—they are supposed to represent the people.

And in order for them to represent us, they have to know that we exist. If we want our opinions about how this country should be run, and what laws and regulations are needed, and what programs funded, to be considered by the professional politicians, then we have to be visible as a voting bloc. Politicians need to know that we exist. Now, while it is too late to get involved (or interested) in certain parts of the process this time around, it is not too late for the next stage of the process. And there is always the next cycle. It is never too late to get involved.

Therefore, I encourage you to register to vote (if you are not already registered); learn what you can about the issues and candidates, and vote whenever you can.

A useful site to learn more, including voter registration deadlines, is Rock the Vote:…/voter-registration-deadlines.h…

Another educational site is .

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Miscellaneous Debris

Miscellaneous Debris

Venus of Willendorf
Golden Mjollnir
Artemis’ bow
Moses’ Tarot
Crowley’s codpiece
Dee’s decoder ring
Warhol’s soups
Republican Jesus
Hell money
Lucifer’s feather
Merlin’s runes
Ripper’s knife
Roswell’s saucer
Smiling Mona Lisa
Alexandria library card
Lion’s heart
Anubis dog bowl
Voldemort’s horcrux
Dreaded Necronomicon

All at the bottom of Mom’s purse

[A poem from the little book of poetry that I am currently writing. My first little book of poetry (25 poems) is available for $0.99 USD from many fine retailers, including Amazon.]

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Confessions of a house husband (International Women Day)

Howdy everyone!

Today is International Women Day. Or as it appeared on my Facebook newsfeed, "Let us guilt women back into being barefoot and stuck in the kitchen while the man of the house brings in the bacon."

Now, one of my regular readers will completely agree with this idea---despite the fact that he claims otherwise---because he is that special type of alpha male who wants to make 'Murica great again by giving everyone a gun, sex orgies, and outlawing liberal politicians.

Me, on the other hand, is someone who has a load of laundry in the washing machine, and is trying to figure out what to cook for dinner while screaming at the cats to play nice with one another. Oh yes, I am that insult to womanhood, called a house-husband.

And my regular reader will use this as evidence that you should not be reading my little blog...because obviously, I must have failed at life, if I am at home doing the laundry and dishes. After all, no real man would actually be happy being a house-wife.

Yet, here I am---happy to stay at home while my wife earns more money than I do.

(Not that hard really, considering that I am a writer---don't get me started on how much your average writer makes---just another sign my regular reader will note that proves that you should not listen to me, and only read his crap-fest of a blog, Facebook group, and website.)

Now, I will admit that I am not a good house-husband. I get distracted a lot. And I hate to vaccuum.

But still, me being at home doing chores allows my wife to work in a forty hour plus job. She had the freedom to choose her career. And so did I.

And just remember, as my regular reader will note, that I am a total failure as a person, a man, and a magician, because I choose to be a struglling writer and a half-ass house-husband.

Happy International Women Day!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Gender-neutral pronouns (because the SJW insist that we need them)

The other day on Facebook, one of my friends (well, a FB friend--some of them count as friends, right?) posted a link about an article talking about how SJW (social justice warriors, or social justice fanatics, or social justice zealots, or social justice m*****f***ers) were upset with a Bernie Sander's loss, and were blaming it on Elizabeth Warren, claiming that the loss was caused by her not being progressive enough.

And the lot of us was talking about how political movements keep getting highjacked by SJW. And it does happen. And sometimes in the strangest places. I once saw an artists co-op be hijacked by the SJW.

(True fucking story: Business meeting, planning for an event, and suddenly we have three hours burned up by SJW trying to figure out how not to offend people. And all the while, me and one of my artist friends are sitting there rolling our eyes--because the quickest way to become famous as an artist in the good ol' USA is to offend people. And someday, I plan on doing exactly that.)

Anyways, so the lot of us on Facebook are exchanging stories. Including stories about how the Occupy movement short-circuited because everyone and their mother insisted on including their pet issue, instead of focusing on a single issue.

Then (true to form) some SJW starts to chew various people out in the thread for not caring enough about one of their pet issues. In this case, it was all about trans-gender issues, including bitching about why no occult Order has ever decided to use gender-neutral pronouns.

Any occult authority when faced with hordes of SJW. 
I will admit that I gave a tiny little scream. After a couple of witty comments about how burning people at the stake was probably wrong, I remarked that I was off to write this blog post, and the SJW said, "Go on, have the last word. It is obvious that it is important to you." And then the SJW continued to harass else everyone in the thread.

(For the record, I got side-tracked--obviously I care, but not enough to write this post in a timely manner.)

Now, exactly what the fuck is a gender-neutral pronoun? It is a way to refer to someone without assigning gender to them. And it is only a problem for languages like English that has gendered pronouns (ex. he, she); there are many languages where all the pronouns are gender-neutral already....presumably SJW has other things to complain about these languages (because SJW are always raging about something).

As many of you know, one of my damn bachelor degrees is in Literature (because...because I am a complete idiot as the SJW crowd will point out). Up until 1960s, style books were listed "he" (and its siblings) as a non-gendered pronoun. Yes, that's right; "he" is non-gendered. (That's chanting you hear is the SJW crowd getting out torches and pitchforks.)

I am aware of non-gendered pronouns. Left to my own devices....well, honestly, I would just continue writing the same damn way that I have been writing---using those damn gendered pronouns. If I was forced to use non-gendered pronouns, I would use "one" and "they"---and "it" if I was in a mood.

By the way, according to the SJW crowd, this is not good enough.

There is also the little fact that I think using "Lord" in a non-gendered way to refer to various entities that rule over various types of operations is completely all right (while completely ignoring the fact that some of these entities have gender [bad Morgan], and some are even beyond gender [bad, bad Morgan].

No, no no. According to the SJW magicians, using "Lord" is wrong. Period. End of discussion. And refering to the general population of magicians and witches, using either "he" or "she" or even "they" is also wrong...because some humans are beyond gender, or trans-gender, or.... [Let me be honest, I get confused by the terms "cis" and "trans"---which makes me a very bad Morgan.]

And yes, I am aware of "ze" and "zhe" and other terms....but I really can't tell you which of them are actually trans-gender, and which are non-gendered, and all that jazz.
More fucking pronouns than I actually need. 
And not for the lack of people in college telling me that these terms are better. Of course, I might have been one of those people who thought that the idea of re-writing Shakespeare for a non-gender/trans-gender audience was just plain silly (I mean gender is part of those stories in their original historical context, right?). [Honestly, this argument is put forth by some Literature students--all of which I believe are pricks and/or cunts.]

At this point, those SJW, who are all about fixing the way society looks at gender, want to take away my Writer Union card (though being an erotic writer is grounds enough for the SJW to want me to quit writing the way that I write), my Adeptship (because if I can't figure a politically correct and gender-less way to say "Lord", it means that I am not really an Adept), and my university degrees (because I am not liberal and progressive enough to have actually earned two bachelor degrees).

And damn it, NO, NO, NO, I am not going to learn to write stuff in a gender-less SJW way. First, it feels damn artificial to me. Second, that is not my voice or viewpoint. Third, some of the mysteries are about polarity and gender. Fourth, not only do I have to learn to write that way, but the readers would have to learn to be able to read that stuff (have you tried to train readers to read odd stuff---it is harder than it looks). Fifth, fuck you SJW!!!

Let's be honest, no Order is going to work that hard. AMORC at one point promoted Esperanto as an universal and preferred language for initiates. And how well did that project go? Well, do you know anyone who speaks Esperanto? Anyone? Me neither.

And if I was to write in a trans-universal language style, it would end up sounding something like Cityspeak from Blade Runner (Cityspeak was a wide mixture of Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Chinese, and Japanese)---though my version would probably have a little Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ancient Egyptian tossed in. But the SJW would declare that not good enough because...because, damn it, I am not trying hard enough to jump though the Social Justice Warrior hoops, and I am a white guy living in reasonable safe neighborhood.

Just screw you SJW, I am not writing that way. And yes, I know, I will be one of the first ones against the wall when the SJW revolution comes because I am evil for using gendered pronouns. Then again, I assume that everyone is going to placed against the wall at some point because as far as the SJW is concerned, we are all social justice sinners, heretics, and traitors.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

National Witch Trials Rembrance Day

Three hundred and twenty-four years ago, on March 1st, the Salem Witch Trials began....

....and today, someone thinks that we need a national holiday to remember this (and to teach people the truth about witches).

Seriously, someone has started a White House Petition petitioning Obama to create such a holiday.

And there is such a raging response to this petition.
Unfortunately, it is marred by bad spelling and grammar.

And Cthulhu hates bad spelling and grammar. 
And it overlooks the little fact that we already have a national holiday celebrating witches...

Full sized Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars---you are awesome Mrs. Cleaver.
...and it is called bloody Halloween!

But anyways, I suppose that we should stop and give this petition some consideration.

B. W. of Litchfield, ME says that we can't express our religion without the influence of Hollywood's incorrect interpretation. Ok, fair enough. But does Hollywood show any religion, or any society, or culture correctly? And if so, maybe you want the White House to outlaw Hollywood instead.

They go on to add that our holy days can't be found on any calendar. Huh? Does this person not know of that remarkable book publisher called Llewellyn? I am quite sure that there are several calendars that not only list the Sabbats, but every moon phase.

B. W. whines that we have no national monuments paying respect to those who lost their lives in the name of religious persecution and bigotry (outside of the tourist attractions in Salem, Massachusetts). do know that most of the witch trials was actually Christians claiming that other Christians were heretics and/or powerless people with land that some accuser wanted, right? And that most of these deaths happened in Europe? And that the numbers are sorely overstated by those who scream, "No more burning times!"? And that burning witches was not the normal punishment?

In fact, the Salem Witch Trials is more of a footnote than anything remarkable when compared to the European trials. Before the Salem Witch Trials, only a dozen witches were convicted and killed in North America. And only twenty-four executions occur at Salem. That is whooping thirty-six witches....and they were Christians and/or had beliefs that would not be classified as witchcraft by the modern witchcraft movement. Just because the term "witch" was used, it does not mean that they were members of our religion (in fact, modern witchcraft, more or less, starts in 1951---in England!).

And where other than Salem would you put a monument? Denver? Ohama? Seattle? Last time I checked, the only logical place for such a monument was....drumroll please...Salem!

So what is really going on here? What does B. W. really want? Well, I think that the most important sentence in the petition is "Our children do not learn about our history in school." So you want kids to be taught about witchcraft in schools, and that Christians are evil (I presume); but seriously, if schools did teach this part of history, they would be told that the Witch Trials actually have nothing to do with the modern witchcraft movement. Opps.

And the Boom Boom award goes to B. W. 
Yes, we are a "real people with rights!" And we have the right to harass the government for stupid things, including the right to insist that people believe our made-up history justifying the fact that we are a real threat to Christiantity, predating it and having been prosecuted for our beliefs, forcing the government to give us monuments and outlawing Hollywood portrayal of us.

And the government has the right, if it chooses to notice all our screaming, to tell teachers to teach our real history. Hmmm, maybe we don't actually want that.

Then again, what do I know---I am merely someone's mad uncle.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Emphemeris for Sirius and the Four Royal Stars

Here is a ephemeris for Sirius and the Four Royal Stars (Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, Fomalhaut).

Golden Dawn, and its Inner Order (RR et AC), consider Regulus, one of the ancient Persian Royal Stars, to mark the first degree of the zodiac. Several sub-systems that are connected with GD astrology, including the Golden Dawn system of Tarot, start in the first decan of Leo which starts at the position of Regulus, according to the original founders of Golden Dawn (Westcott and Mathers).

In my own practice, mostly using standard Western astrology, I use the Tropical Zodiac rather than the Sidereal of India; nor do I use the Rosicrucian Sidereal of Golden Dawn. But I do make note of Regulus, as well as the Four Royal Stars, just in case, there is something to initiated system.

For those who are interested in futher information about Regulus, and the other three Royal Stars, as well as Sirius (the most important star to the Ancient Egyptians, as well as the brightest star in the night sky), I wrote an article that was published in the Winter 2015 issue of the Golden Dawn journal, Hermetic Tablet (also available in hardcover from Lulu).
Ephemeris for Sirius and the Four Royal Stars