Saturday, October 27, 2007

What I did at the Open Full Moon

So I guess I should talk about what I did at the Open Full Moon.

Babble. That sums it up. Surprisingly, at least to me, I found myself extremely nervous.

Of course, I am customed to my "winging it" to be conducted beyond closed doors, perhaps with a few friends, so doing it in front of strangers made me feel like twitching on the floor.

It had to be winged. I knew that I could grab some voluteers to help me, but I had no idea of who I was going to end up with. In the end, I got lucky to have Carol, Ann and Ann's son helping me. There was also Diane and the Indian woman that I always blank on her name.

After community announcements, and stalling for Ann's husband to get there, I talked about the influence that Golden Dawn had on the wicca movement. It was the standard lecture, Gardner involvement with OTO, and the fact that GD was one of the comparative religion Orders that predated the Wicca movement, along with the fact that the core material that Crowley and Regardie published were consulted a lot during the early days of Wicca.

After explaining the purpose of the ritual, and giving everyone an overview of it, I did the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. Then Ann's son did the purification and consecration by fire and water, using words right out of one of Waite's books. My voluteers called quarters.

Then we did a talisman charging (I issued index cards to all) using the generic god name IAO. I used that because of its complex symbolism, male and female, creation and destruction and rebirth, it fit the best in my opinion for the audience.

We closed with the Mystic Repast (Carol liked the idea that it was Osiris) and dismissing the quarters.

I talked awhile with some of the audience afterwards. Diana and Skott kicked around the possibility of moving our meetings to a day that they could attend. Next thing, I knew it was ten o'clock.

I bummed a ride from Robert, Ann's husband, because I was feeling a little light-headed. He gave me from food from a delivery that was canceled (he works for a really good restraurant), so I didn't have to worry about dinner.

Overall, I am happy with my performance. I might consider doing another OFM next year, but only if some of the lodge members can make time to help out; it is not fair that I am the sole public representive for the lodge. After all, it is not like I am in charge or anything like that.

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Frater X.S.B. said...

Greetings in L.V.X.,

I appreciate you posting the basic "ordinary" of your October 2007 Full Moon Ritual. I am finding so far the wording and spiritual ritual that I like. I tend toward a blend of Judaism and Paganism in regard to following the Ancestoral Religion of Christianity. I wish to add in Pagan Roots too. I respect the Paganism involved with the Golden Dawn. I only have one source in "Self-Initiation" by the Cicero's, and I love the Homework Structure. Would you please write me back? May I have an outline of the Open Full Moon Ritual?

I am following a ritual in such a way that I may soon learn the solitary initiation ritual. I saw your book. It looks good.

I wish to follow the Judeo-Babylonian Calendar of Feasts that include New Moons (Rosch Hodesch). It would be good to follow a Traditional Full Moon Ceremony in Golden Dawn Format. I don't know of the Jewish Full Moon Traditions. Those are usually in mid-moon-month. At this full moon time, it's Purim Qattan. Next full moon will be Purim proper. Then the next after that is celebration of the Lamb. There are seasonal celebrations for each Moon. I hope you don't mind me ramblin'. See ya later, Ryan