Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another Enochian Chess Book Review

So I finally finished reviewing all the Enochian Chess books in my library. I saved my favorite one for last; it is just too bad that it is out of print.

Book Review: Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn (Chris Zalewski)

I own a couple of other books that mention Enochain Chess; these I ignored, they did not suit the purpose of what I was up to.

I also did not review Regardie's publication of the Golden Dawn doucuments; I figure that everyone in Golden Dawn has one or both of these publications already.

I must admit that I am not surprised that there is so little published about Enochian Chess. Trying to convince a publisher to print a general Golden Dawn book is hard enough (students of Golden Dawn being a really small market); the number of people who play Enochian Chess probably only number in the hundreds, if that many.

If I missed any generally available Enochian Chess books, let me know. I know that there were a couple of small booklets and facsimiles that have also been published; but considering their small print runs, most students will never see a copy of them. I also presume that the Orders have their own lessons drawing off of this material, though it is debatable that there is anything new in them.

Ultimately, I would love to know where Westcott intended to go with the material. I presume that he had more stuff planned for this particular subsystem of Golden Dawn. As it stands now, I have only seen a few groups edge up to frontiers of this subject.

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