Friday, December 12, 2008

Drawing down the divine

Tonight's Hearthstone Community Church is going to be doing a drawing down at the Open Full Moon. Actually three of them, Judith Brownlee, Jackie Weller and Alia Denny are all going to be functioning as High Priestesses tonight.

I am probably not going to visit any of the goddesses tonight. I have experienced drawing down before, both as an audience member and as Priest. It can be a powerful experience. And while it is not how Golden Dawn does things (Golden Dawn prefers to use godforms), drawing down is an useful tool in the right envirnoment.

The reason that I am not going to visit any of them is simply because I have no questions to ask that will not get me either a cryptic answer or a whack. What am I concerned about: my next student loan and is college going to be worth it. Hardly stuff that I need to consult the goddess with, especially the versions that I know. All I will get is a riddle that translates as wait and see.

So tonight, I am probably am just going to help out grounding people who do go visit one of the goddesses. It will be good practice for me. That and it allows me to gossip and catch up with my friends which I really need now that finals are done for the semester.

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