Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Occult price index

I was just reading a blog (Luke Sidewalker) and realized that I do not remember the last time that someone mentioned the consumer price index on the news. Sidewalker, whose blog is mainly about picking up loose change, is starting a new monthly feature on his blog where he tracks the price changes of twenty items. He feels that this is a better indicator of inflation/deflation than using car and housing prices.

For those who took economics, this is a "price index" and the set of items that is tracked every month is referred to as a "basket". (Yes, I took a couple of economics classes over the past couple of years.)

Reading his list, and the suggestions of his readers, I realized not only do I gauge the state of the economy like this, but I have some weird things in my basket. Besides the normal milk, eggs, bread, cat food and printer ink, I also have occult books, candles and incense that I also buy on a regular basis.

I know that I am using them in my own personal index, besides complaining about the rising cost of cat food all summer, I think everyone has heard my complaints about the rising costs of occult books.

But it made me wonder what type of things would end up in a basket for an occult price index. What types of things do all occultists pay for on a regular basis? Incense? Candles? Tarot decks? Lodge dues? Virgin chickens?

The world may never know.


Theo Huffman said...

I seem to forever be buying colored pens, colored heavy-weight paper, watercolor and tempera paints to make things in harmony with the desired elemental/planetary/zodiacal energies.

Grain alcohol or clean vodka for "alchemical" experiments.

Admin said...

Thank you Morgan for the referral. I'm just rounding off my list for the inaugural "Shop with Sidewalker" post this Friday. The final list will include cat food as per your suggestion, but I will be light on occult publications!

Thanks again,

-Luke Sidewalker