Saturday, December 19, 2009

Laughing at the Unlikely

There are times that I am rude---as in I cannot help but laugh out loud at some people. There is also the urge to mock them, or at least say the first thing that crosses my mind.

I had one of those moments today. I was reading the messages from one of the Golden Dawn yahoo forums. There is a discussion about diagrams going on.

One of the participants is someone that I have classified as a borderline troll...they are very much into proving that they are always right, and that they have greater understanding of Golden Dawn than the rest of us do. This one likes to twist definitions to the point that you can drive a semi-truck though the argument and not hit the broad side of wrong.

But today was absolutely precious. One of the people who responded to this person said that he had obviously never been in a Vault.

And the troll replied, "One does not need to be inside a Vault. Unless one does not know how to create a vault in one's own mind."

After I got done wiping soda off of my monitor, I told my wife why I was laughing so hard. She also suspects that he is a pure troll. She has seen the work I have done with our local Vault project...she is the one in the background saying that we cannot use that color because it is just ugly.

Now, I am not saying that it is impossible to create a Vault in one's own mind. I am saying that it is unlikely. And if this person is capable of doing it, I have to ask why they are slumming among us mere mortals.

I have done some work at building up a mental construct of the Vault of the Adepts. And I have came to the conclusion that few people are going to attempt to get past the visualization of a single generic wall. It is just easier to actually build a physical Vault in my less than humble opinion.

So for this person to imply that they have created a mental construct of the Vault of the Adepts means one of two things: either they are a troll or they are Third Order slumming with the unworthy. I know which square I placing my bet in.


Unknown said...

A troll most likely! Or an armchair magician who has never even has a physical 0=0.

S Warkwright said...

After reading some of the individuals posts it seems they twist any comment into obscurity so there is nothing to be said. Something akin to a late night ninja movie guru.

Maybe that kind of talk impresses the ladies but replying to everything when you have nothing to say is embarrassing for him and the order he is representing.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I am not sure that he is a member of an Order. He has never said anything that I remember that indicates that he is...but I will admit that I have a habit of skipping his posts; there are so many of them and they all say that he is god's gift to GD (more or less).

Lavanah said...

I'm pretty sure that the troll in question (and I have gotten into the habit of skipping his posts, too) doesn't impress too many ladies. After all, both your wife and I think he's a troll.