Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you are in Northeastern Pennsylvania (Pow-Pow)

I just learned of a year-long series of classes are going to be held in Northeastern Pennsylvania on Pow-Pow, German Folk-Magic this year. Ahh, I wish that I lived in northeastern Pennsylvania. I am very interested in this magical tradition, considering that it made its way across the ocean and set up in these shores relatively intact.

There is also the little fact that many of my ancestors set up shop in Pennsylvania after arriving on these shores. Not that any of them would have been involved in the Pow-Pow tradition. They were much more upstanding and faithful than I ever have been. Only the black sheep in my family dabble in magic.

And I have dabbled (bad Morgan) with hex signs and the magical use of the Psalms. For the record, hex signs are actually not about hexing; the term actually refers to the artwork produced, and not their purpose. I am not sure if hex signs will be covered or not, but there is plenty of other things to interest the serious working occultist in this class.

A partial list of the subjects being covered include:

* The Magical Use of the Psalms, New Testament, and Revelations in Talismans and Rituals
* The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses
* The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
* Protections Cords: Their Construction and Use

Mark Stavish, who is the one who emailed me about this, did put forth the following caution: "Please note, this is a demanding class, traditional in form, structure, and methods, and requires considerable commitment from students wishing to participate."

How much commitment? Well, you are spending a Saturday or Sunday every month, from ten in the morning until four to six in the afternoon. I imagine that there is probably is going to be a boatload of homework to do also (I am just guessing on that last part).

Anyway, if you are interested in the Germanic Pennsylvanian Dutch magical tradition and live in northeastern Pennsylvania, consider emailing for more information on this series of classes.

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