Thursday, June 10, 2010

Working on the Bast Temple website

I have been doing some work on the Bast Temple website this month. It is a part of the annual Open Full Moon ritual drive that happens every year at this time. Today's big accomplishment was that I added a couple of pictures to the website, both of which can be seen on the page detailing the 25 June 2010 Open Full Moon ritual.

Ok, it may not sound like much; but I am still proud of myself. After all, I am a self-taught webmaster. I actually caught the fact that I did not have the pictures titled right, and corrected the problem within five minutes of doing it wrong in the first place (a picture for the web should not be labeled "edited img 807" or anything along those lines). I am also a self-taught artist (I do not consider the art classes I took in school even remotely being trained in art---for goddess' sake, I did not even know what a color wheel was until I was a ZAM in Golden Dawn).

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