Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogs I am reading 23 September 2010

Yes, it is time once again for another installment of Blogs That I am Reading.

First up is Mrs B's Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. One of the regular features on her blog is the misadventures of her cat, Tanner. In the latest installment, Tanner is looking mighty hungry.

Speaking of food, following a link on VVF's blog, I stumbled across a rant by Gordon (RuneSoup) about how horrible modern pagan food is. I love the advice that is given at the end:

Shaping a tube of cookie dough into little half-moons is not food suitable for divine beings. Please don’t feed your Gods the way you clearly feed your children. They deserve much better.

Over on Renaissance Astrology, Christopher talks about how to figure out the astrological spirit of a city. I find it hard to argue with what he believes the Angel of America looks like.

And finally, we have Rufus talking about using gunpowder in rituals (his post being a safety warning regarding a Frenemy Fix spell on Gnostic Conjure). I can't say that he is wrong---some fool is sure to lose a finger---but I do love the idea of the Frenemy Fix spell (hopefully, I am not the damn fool he was talking about).

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Pallas Renatus said...

Haha, "if you can't spot the moron in a group, the moron is you."

Honestly, this is why I continue to hang around with local pagans; always somebody to stare at =p