Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rash of Paypal phishing emails

Ok, this is not Golden Dawn or Wicca related, but I am going to post this here anyways. I just went though my email box and deleted a whole bunch of phishing emails all claiming to be from Paypal. And I do mean a whole bunch of them; there were seven of them. That is a lot for one day.

There were also a lot of phishing emails from people claiming to be HSB, Wells Fargo and other banks. All wanting me to verify my security information. Slight problem with a lot of these emails---I don't have accounts with these companies.

Remember people, play it safe. Never trust someone claiming to be from a bank (either local or Nigera), the FBI, Interpol, marines moving hidden war loot (gold), or Paypal. And definitely do not open their attachments.

Remember always treat strange emails as if they are demons after your soul, provided that you have not already sold your soul for a Snickers bar or world domination, fame and glory.


Theo Huffman said...

And for God's sake, DON'T click on any links in suspicious e-mails!

Karmaghna said...

Never for a Snickers...for a Butterfinger or Heath bar, definitely.

Unknown said...

I'd listen to you, but I'm too busy collecting the inheritance from my long-lost Nigerian uncle. Apparently he won the British lottery and buried the money. Thank God it was found by our patriotic troops! I'm splitting the loot with them when they get back, all they need is my bank info first.