Sunday, November 7, 2010

I want to be brilliant

Warning: Do not assume that I am talking about you. I have a laundry list of people who this post might apply to, and you may not actually be on it. And I suspect that the worst offender is probably the person...well if you can't figure it out by the end of the post, then perhaps you are on my laundry list of offenders.

At least once a week, I see someone on the forums, or the lists, or the blogosphere, or in the local pagan community, or on the quad (you get the idea), become upset and accuse someone of being mean to them. This is often after being told that their latest brain storm is not really that great and might even be completely and utterly wrong.

The sad part is that often they are trying to be smarter than Crowley, Mathers, the professor, the President, their spouse (you get the idea), and they are falling far short of the mark. It is believing that you are an A student, when you are only capable of doing B work and only willing to put in C amount of effort.

I understand this problem. At least once a day, I have an attack of this particular mental disease. I open my mouth, and my Advanced Adept Advisor, my professor, my friend, my spouse (you get the idea), tells me that I do not understand the entire situation and am sadly mistaken. Sometimes I even listen...provided that four cats are sitting in Grand Cross formation.

Yes, I want to be brilliant. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the right crowd to tell me how wonderful I am. Damn it, where are my worshipful minions?!

And if you have worshipful minions, please leave a note in the comment section about where you found them; how much you have to bribe them; and how soon you think it will be before they revolt against you.


Unknown said...

If someone dismissing your idea is enough to get you upset, odds are the idea wasn't all that brilliant to begin with. Sad but true.

Fr. A. said...

Hi Morgan,

Just sent you something via email.

And don't worry, its not brilliant...