Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spam from the Not Nick

At times, I find myself totally at a loss to figure out human behavior. Yesterday, someone (or maybe some program) hacked Nick Farrell's email account. And what did they use it for?

To send out links to a Canadian Pharmacy.

Really? One wonders if they really thought that they were going to get any sales from that one. This particular Canadian Pharmacy, who I am not going to provide a link to, shows up in my spam box a lot.

Obviously, someone is buying their prescription drugs cheaply from this website; but given the amount of spam that people send out for this site, it is probably not a good place to do so. Of course, it is probably more than one person sending out this spam.

Now what I can't figure is why they thought that putting Nick Farrell's stamp of approval on this site would generate any sales. I trust Nick Farrell as an occultist; he knows a lot about that subject. But cheap Canadian drugs and medicine---I think not. And one would hope that if he was trying to get us to buy our prescriptions from Canada, that he would send us to another site, rather than the one that always shows up in my spam box.

Anyways, I can laugh about this. Most days. But just to be clear---if suddenly I send out links to a certain Canadian Pharmacy, it is not me; it is just the spambot pretending to be me. Though my question about why we would trust Nick's recommendation goes double for me. But if you would trust me to steer you to cheap drugs, how about a lovely bridge and a piece of farmland in Florida? Going super-cheap, just the cost of a year's worth of cat food.

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Unknown said...

But what if your resident occultist also happens to be in the medical field?

...goddammit, I need to go change my passwords.