Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zink expelled?! (Busy Golden Dawn News Weekend Pt 2)

The other big Golden Dawn news this weekend is that it appears that Robert Zink (GH Frater PDR) has been expelled from the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

A couple of days ago, it seems that a new member forum was set up and invites were sent to EOGD members saying that it was the new members-only forum. Robert Zink responded saying that it was an unauthorized forum and not part of the EOGD, and that members should ignore it because it was probably a phishing campaign.

The truth seems to be that the new forum and the invites were a preemptive strike to try to wrestle control of the Outer Order membership away from Zink before the Adepti and Chiefs of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn expelled Robert Zink, who controls the official sites (most of the assets and resources of the Order are in his personal control). I am basing this conclusion on the announcement that went up on various blogs and websites yesterday announcing that the Second Order of the Esoteric Order had voted to expel Robert Zink.

One can read the entire announcement here on the new Public Announcement blog for the EOGD.

And a couple of hours ago, the HOGD/A&O extended their hand in friendship to the EOGD Second Order who, as part of their expulsion notice of Zink, extended their hand to David Griffin.

As of this point, at least one Golden Dawn yahoo forum has declared the subject off-limits for discussion. I am expecting a couple of others to declare the same thing relatively quickly. They will be the smart ones.

Unfortunately, having seen events like this in other groups, I do not need a cracked crystal ball to know that it is going to get ugly. Robert Zink is going to fight back. I predict that he is going to expel those who expelled him. I predict that he is not going to hand over the Order's assets and website back to them. In fact, I think it is safe to say that he is going to fight for control of the Order's name. Lawyers are probably going to be involved.

And in fact, if I was in the group that expelled him, I would start thinking about changing the name of the Order. (Remember when it was HOMSI?) One of the charges against Zink is that he has damaged the reputation of the Order (and of the Golden Dawn tradition in general); one should ask themselves if it would not be better to start a clean slate.

As for my own position on this situation, I am undecided. I will probably continuing helping the individuals I want to help, and ignore those who I do not (in other words, the same policy I had before this event). As for Bast Temple's official position, I will learn that on Sunday.

I may or may not post updates to this drama---I will decide as events unfold (how boring I find events will probably be the determing factor---if it bores me, it will bore you).


Alex Sumner said...

He could astrally initiate himself into a new order?

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I am actually betting that he is going to expel those who expelled him instead.

Alex Sumner said...

And a hundred years from now we can read all about it in a book written by Nick Farrell! :-P

Soror FSO said...

You are correct Frater in some of your deductions. However it should be made clear that the only assets Robert holds on to is the actual website. He no longer owns or is apart of any Temple, monies, or other assets. Nor is he allowed contact with any Outer Order members. Everyone has been made quite clear (not by any announcements, but by their own personal contact with Robert) that continued contact will only result in more hurt until he can iron out his personal issues.

Currently he is attempting to publicly claim that he is still the Chief Magus of the EOGD, however not one person from the Inner or Outer Order left with him and as I said before he no longer has any initiating Temples left.

As far as changing the name of the Order is concerned I believe thus far we will keep it the same, as this process was not stimulated by a schism. It is the Order that we love, and the Order that we fought to keep. Our love for the EOGD is immense.

I also do not forsee any legal problems in the future lest it be the authorities knocking at Robert's door to charge him for fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. The website is just not that important. Not to mention se has spent the better part of his time in the past few years draining Order accounts and stealing money from students. I can't imagine now that his cash cow is gone he would have the ability to attempt to sue anyone for anything nor do I believe he would like to go up against the multitudes of documented evidence that we have been collecting over the past year.

However, all of us here in The Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn do wish nothing but happiness and peace to Robert Zink. We sincerly hope that like Mathers he now has the ability to take some time and reflect on his life and do some internal work without the temptations of power that sought to keep him from his Great Work. I also wish you the best in boredom concerning these issues...I do hope that all will be quiet soon enough so we can all get back to focusing on the Great Work.

Light In Extension,