Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ostara 2013 Tarot Blog Hop Master List

It is time for another Tarot Blog Hop.
Hello everyone, this is the Master List for the Tarot Blog Hop for Ostara 2013. The Master List exists just in case, there are any broken links in the Tarot Blog Hop.

And why am I hosting the Master List? Because the theme of this particular round of blog hopping was my suggestion--dancing between light and darkness, and dealing with energies that can go either way (am I good? or am I evil?).

There is more about what I was thinking on my own particular entry...which should go live one minute after this one does. Happy hopping!!!

  1. Morgan Drake Eckstein   
  2. Christiana Gaudet
  3. Chloe for TABI
  4. Lynda
  5. Ania
  6. Chloe 
  7. Arwen Lynch 
  8. Sharon Cumming 
  9. Joy Vernon
  10. Vivianne 
  11. Koneta 
  12. Chloe for Celtic Lenormand
  13. Shonna Hill 
  14. Annick Van Damme 
  15. Aisling the Bard: 
  16. Krysten
  17. Joanne Sprott:…tarot-blog-hop 
  18. Alison Cross
  19. Joanna Ash: 
If you spot a problem with any of the links, drop me a line at

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