Saturday, June 8, 2013

Eighty dollars a pound for mugwort?!

Five pounds of mugwort for four hundred dollars--on eBay.
You know how I was shocked by how expensive catnip was--well, I just saw something on eBay that makes me think that catnip is cheap. I just ran across an eBay listing for five pounds of fresh cut mugwort selling for four hundred dollars.

Yep, that is eighty dollars a pound...

...for an invasive weed.

Yes, that is right--mugwort is an invasive weed by all definitions of the term. If you allow it to go to seed, it takes over an entire neighborhood. Of course, if you really can unload it for eighty dollars a pound, maybe that is not so bad. But still, eighty dollars...good thing that I have one of my own. Especially considering how much of it gets burned at my house (shamanic dream incense).

And before you ask, no, I have no mugwort to spare. Not a single leaf.

This mugwort is happy on my porch in its pot. So don't even think of moving it.

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