Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lux e Tenebris

[Welcome to the last Tarot Blog Hop of 2013. The theme of this Tarot Blog Hop is "Turning Darkness into Light." The following is an excerpt of a poem that I started to work on when I saw the has fifty-six more stanzas.]

Lux e Tenebris
Light from darkness
Seventy-eight steps
A compass on the path

Crazy young fool
Smell the roses
Tame the wolf
Beware the thorn-ed abyss

Magician of the spheres
Gild yourself with power
Channel the gods
Balance the elements

Priestess of the Silver Star
Bearer of the holy chalice
Sacred scroll of the law
Embrace ebb and flow

Daughter of the Mighty Ones
Descending dove
Pregnant with potential
Best curse is mercy

Chief among the Kings
Gaze upon your domain
Beware of upstart goats
Re-invent your power

Expounder of tradition
Long unending scroll
Cryptic runes and starry letters
East looks upon the West

Twin souls of Metatron
Dreamers of the illusion
Hero is the prisoner
The prisoner is the monster

Juggernaut triumphant
 Bellowing cloud of dust
Clamor of beaten swords
Keep sight of the center

Daughter of the Flaming Sword
Mankind is the beast
Red omens signal redemption
Mind, rose, blood, storm

Lonely prophet of the Gods
Circle of light illuminates
Emptiness all around
The oasis far away beckons

Spinning forces of life
Monkey silent as a squirrel
Goal and beginning far apart
Ouroboros dancing between

Holder of the scales of Maat
Large feather, large pans,
Swift sword, fox eyes
Forty-two principles to guide

Sacrificed eye of Odin
Hidden in the dark
Rippling depths revealed
Whole world upside down

Lord of the Gates of Death
Hades' seed and harvest
Both elite and the oppressed
Underworld claims all

Daughter of the Reconcilers
Blazing fire and icy water
Stand in the place between
Life, creation, and magic arise

Lord of the Gates of Matter
Master of the horned ones
Absolute necessary evil
Prisoner holds the key

Shattered tower of the Mighty
Blazing flash of light
Nature's gravity captures
We are all in free fall

Daughter of the Firmament
So above, so below
Dust of stars animate
Small doses fortify

Ruler of ebb and flow
All started out wild
Howling, clawing, biting
Tetragrammaton is the tamer

Blazing spirit of the crucible
Arcs of influence descend
Dark wings, horned skull
Children know the maze

Spirit of the Primal Fire
Spirits cross the Bifrost
Trumpeter of the end
Rebirth comes from the ashes

Great One of the Night of Time
Four celestial watchers
Magic from Arabic image
The wands merely point

A compass on the path
Seventy-eight steps
Light from darkness
Lux e Tenebris


Machelle said...

Simply amazing!

Olivia Peters said...

Wow, what a wonderful tribute to each card..... I wanted to pick out a few that I particularly like, but couldn't...they are all so lovely!

Unknown said...

OH WOW! Very very powerful poem. I was walking through the cards in meditation when I read it all out loud.

Alison said...

Stunning. Thank you so much for sharing this - a wonderful Yule gift!

Anonymous said...

Beware of upstart goats
Love that line, I found it incredibly funny... It gave me a nice visual!
Enjoyed my stroll through the cards. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent imagery and sequence for the majors, and all showing both the shadow and the light in each. :)

Inner Whispers said...

Wonderful! I especially like the Wheel of Fortune stanza - monkey silent as a squirrel :D There had to be a monkey in there somewhere ;)

Tarot By Arwen said...

"Re-invent your power" really called to me. Lovely piece. You are quite talented!

tarotbyparis said...

Nicely done, Tarot-brother!