Monday, November 24, 2014

Thoughts on the EA Koetting arrest (Living God arrested)

On Friday, November 14, 2014, Matthew Joseph Lawrence (the real name of the black magic occultist E. A. Koetting) was arrested by the Washington County Drug Task Force (St. George, Utah) and sent to the Purgatory Correctional Facility. Both his vehicle and residence were searched, and he was charged with five charges of drug possession (cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and other drugs), one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, and one count of restricted possessor of a firearm. The arrest came about due to information provided by a confidential informant. Lawrence and his roommate (who was also arrested) were sent to the Purgatory Correctional Facility with bail set at $31,174 each---I understand both made bail and were released. Rumor has it that Lawrence could receive ten to fifteen years in jail, due to Utah's law, and having priors.

News stories are here and here.

My regular readers and friends know that I am not fond of E. A. Koetting. I feel that he is a black hat marketer, and generally not the world's best representative of the black arts. And I made my feelings perfectly clear last year when he headlined an event sponsored by one of the Golden Dawn Orders---I could not reconcile the traditional Golden Dawn oath (which includes a clause about not doing black magic) with the idea that a highly advertised speaker was actually a well-known black magician.

Cartman from South Park reminds me of Koetting.
But I do have a couple of thoughts about this situation that might surprise you.

For instance, I have seen some fuss over the fact that E. A. Koetting is a pen name. Sorry, but a lot of occult writers write under pen names---it is nothing new. And Koetting's real name has been known for awhile. Get over the fact that Koetting is a pen name.

There has also been jokes made that Koetting works a day job---a carpet cleaner---again, get over it. I cannot name a single occultist, who does not have a day job. Even when you are charging big money for workshops and merchandise, occultism does not pay well. And yes, Koetting's day job is not glamorous. Well, none of my day jobs have been glamorous (minimum wage restaurant work, writer of forbidden taboo erotica, house husband). And for some reason, magic---even black magic---is not really useful for acquiring money without a path for the money to come though.

Now I will admit that I am appalled that Koetting got arrested---it makes all occultists look bad to a certain extent. It is probably worse because Koetting talked about avoiding cops and doing illegal things in at least one of his videos. If you are a Living God and know that you could be arrested, one would think that one would take steps not to be arrested.

But the charges---I have mixed feelings about the actual charges. On one hand, getting arrested with a gun when you legally unable to own one, just makes you look suspicious. On the other hand, I am not really on board with the United States extended war on drugs. At the very least, I think that marijuana should not be illegal (the other drugs, I am not so sure about---honestly, I am not up on the research of how much damage they actually cause). I voted in favor of both medical and recreational marijuana---so in my mind, at least one of the drug charges should not even exist.

And are we really surprised that Koetting takes drugs? I think that we could have all made a fair bet on that one.

Besides, the usual offense that occultists seem to arrested for is sexual misdeeds. This incident looks almost positive compared to the normal offense. It could have been worse, much worse.

And before you ask, I am still not an E. A. Koetting fan---but no one should be surprised by that one.


Peregrin said...

Hi Morgan, good post and measured response :) Thanks.

Personally, I am not so sanguine regarding Marijuana, having seen a a number of lives ruined because of it. Most, I would say would not have been ruined if the cultural and legal climate was different. However, I have worked in two cases where the very first night of dope smoking produced a psychotic break. One person ended up being sectioned and lost in the mental health system for six years.

As for EA - for me it is always presumption of innocence until guilt is proved or admitted. We can only assume - which I consciously will not do - he was using drugs, in possession of a firearm etc. :)

Agree though this could be much worse ... :) Ta.

Thanatoxin said...

Hello. I've heard that E.A. was arrested and while I am not a fan of his either, I won't snub my nose at him for it either.

Anybody living in the world, trying to survive with all that entails will get arrested and involved in things that they would never consider. Having said that, the only thing he's guilty of (to me) is just spearheading his movement but he's not forcing anyone to it and therefore only hurting himself.

Puff65537 said...

A group of magicians that don't believe in powers actual (think legba in voodoo) decided to fuck with a cog in the system. Now they are ending up dead or in prison.

Rufus Opus said...

+Peregrine, Smoke dope and let god sort 'em out.

I've talked with some of the behind the scenes people in the EA Koetting universe, and they agreed to the event you reference without understanding who they were signing on with, or what they were getting into. In the end, he showed up and did what he agreed to, but as I understand it, he declined several offers and opportunities for future work with that particular organization, and regrets his participation in that to this day.

And I think it's HILARIOUS that a Black Magician is embarrassed about working with someone.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Since I wrote this post, I have learned that LSD and mushrooms were also among the drugs---both of which I am not sure should be illegal.

As for the gun, it turns out that it was a rifle (something not exactly easily concealed)---which makes me wonder if EAK hunts. My father was a hunter; and while I do not hunt, I find nothing wrong with the hobby as long as you are not hunting endangered animals.

Rob said...

Ok, the drugs listed are illegal yes but should not be and one has to stop and ask WHY were they going after EA? Informant my arse. He pissed someone off somewhere whether it be a far right christian in the police force whose son was listening to Koettings vids OR another group of magicians as he did have those vehemently against him. Someone went after him with intent to finish him off. I lean towards the idea that perhaps the police were illegally wire tapping and bugging his house whether through laser sound or actual devices in the home. His videos caused alarm in a bible belt. So they illegally bugged him and found something to put an end to him. If it was not that it was an actual person he crossed that set him up. Then we have the possibility the forces he works with betrayed him as they are known to do. Whichever the reality this case is petty but not for him. He faces some serious charges. as for the rifle. Once the cops decide to violate your rights and put the screws to you and once in the hime they turn innocent things into more charges they can give you. Like EA or not Law Enforcement in America is out of control and has been given to much discretional power. I know for a fact they regularly trample the constitution and set up wire taps bugs etc illegally. Most people reply "well, they can't do that" my reply is "Yes they can as long as they never admit to having done so. They can't say they got the information by bugs so they create another avenue "the mystical mysterious informants. Also, I think EA and his girl were some odd credit schemes might have attracted attention also. He will learn and i hope its not too hard on him not because I follow him or believe in his teachings. I see him as a man trying to better his life and make money. Lets face it thats what all religion does. snake oil ...but its not illegal. I wouldn;t want to be in his shoes and i feel for him ...We all need to care a little more about each other and not be so quick to pounce ..The commenters here were very objective and fair and so was this article.....

DouglasJamesCameron said...

Well, per the last comment, I think attention is a key here. It is no secret that some of his newsletters/facebook posts contained info on doing certain drugs to induce altered states for some work involved.
From what I have heard (at least from some conspiracy minded folk), it is no surprise that certain groups monitor Facebook and other onlie/internet/phone -- well media in general for a list of keywords - which attracts the real bogeyman.

Unknown said...

I am not surprised at reading any portion of the article about EAK. I saw a portion of his video for the GD and he struck me as one of the many people I have worked with in institutions, at least younger white guys, they seem to be angry with God and turn to the demonic, almost all are raised catholic and this is taken as very serious affront according to the dogma, I think EAK is just a kid, looking to make money and to manifest juvenile spells, carpet cleaner = very high IQ..hahahahahahaha

Sham said...

What shocks me about Koetting is that he claims to be invested with supernatural power.
Then why couldn't he free himself from the clutches of Justice/Police etc by supernatural means?
Was it all junk and lies? I have read the wonderful story of Appolonius of Tyana. He simply vanished within a circle of soldiers when the Roman legions came to fetch him. Is Koetting a fraud?

KKK said...

that's being pretty judgmental n harsh n heartless
add to it, a chuckle in the end as if former wasn't enough already..
Bravo lady!

Zara Zachery said...

Actually unfair . Nobody who has commented on him has read his books. IF they are HIS work then he is almost certainly going to become a historical figure . The writings are exceptional.
Certainly they appear incongruent with his appearance and social class blah blah but they are exceptional .

BobbyBangem said...

I actually know Matt (or E.A.) personally, I have since his very 1st book, as an author myself within the esoteric/occult genre, we became friends. He "was" a good friend, then he suddenly became a very self-centered charlatan with absolutely no interest whatsoever in actually helping to guide others or even teach the truth for that matter. A bunch of tall-tales, spooky "campfire" stories, ridiculous videos and totally foolish promises became his forte seemingly overnight. All he cares about is making money by selling cartoonish schemes to primarily angst-driven, misanthropic, nihilistic and angry teenagers that simply don't know any better... especially, ever-since he was taught that charlatanism is totally acceptable by a man I won't mention here, but a man which Matt (E.A.) did co-author a book with early on (figure it out). He is also revengeful (big surprise). I won't get into the details, most know who I am and where I'm coming from personally here.

Astro Raph said...

Reading through this is hilarious. How stupid are you people? Your opinions about drugs and magick or just that, your opinions. Most are ill informed if informed at all. None are well researched. Yet you come on and spout them just the same, as if they had any relationship with the truth about the matters you speak. Nobody cares about your stupid, uninformed, uneducated, unexperienced opinions about black magick or drugs. You are obviously a bunch of conservatives. And those of you who consider yourselves "witches" are severely limited in your power and understanding. Sad to see the state of "witchcraft". It's so far off the mark it may as well be any other new age fad.