Friday, May 1, 2015

There is always a boom (Tarot Blog Hop May 2015)

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Welcome to another Tarot Blog Hop.

During the last Tarot Blog Hop, I noticed some comments about needing to keep the distasteful cards in the Tarot deck. That got me to thinking that writing about how to cope with the distasteful Tarot cards would be an interesting topic. And given that I am the wrangler (cat herder) for this particular round of the Tarot Blog Hop---Bwahahaha!

There is a sort-of famous quote from Babylon Five that more or less goes:

No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There is always a boom.

And sometimes I think that this idea applies to the Tarot. One is sitting there doing a reading; everything looks fine, and then you flip over the Happy Squirrel...and you know that your client is in for the worst year of their life.

What? Your deck doesn't have a Happy Squirrel in it? What sad Tarot deck are you using?

The Happy Squirrel
 But seriously, every Tarot reader has been there, as well as anyone who has gotten at least one Tarot reading. And you do not need a Happy Squirrel to cause problems. Do you want a list of cards that can cause problems?

Of course, you do.

Here is the list of Tarot cards that can cause problems...

All of them.

Given the right circumstances, every card is a Happy Squirrel in disguise.

But some cards are more troublesome than others. Each Tarot reader has their own personal list of cards that scream, "BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!"

The Hanged Man
One of the cards on my personal list is the Hanged Man. While there are many times when it is to be read as a sacrifice for a higher purpose or a better situation, there are times that it is far more troublesome. And this troublesome nature comes from its origin centuries ago.

In the oldest surving Tarot decks, the Hanged Man is often someone who was a traitor or enemy of the family that the Tarot deck was made for. If Jesus would have owned a Tarot deck, the Hanged Man would have been Judas.

And the possibilities for this type of energy is still rampant. Turn on the news, surf Facebook, look out your window, there are plenty of people to dislike. And today, we have social media...which leads to the caution:

Don't get filmed doing something that you don't want to see on Facebook. Today, angry villagers are not armed with pitchforks and torches; no, it is Facebook and Twitter that you have to worry about. Do you really want your own personal picket line?

Lightning Struck Tower
Another distasteful card is the Lightning Stuck Tower. While the Hanged Man is the poster child of greed and mistakes, the Lightning Stuck Tower is more along the lines of the hand of God.

Again, social media plays a role in how we encounter the card's energies in the present. One does not need to watch the nightly news to learn of the latest nature disaster sweeping away innocent villagers.

My advice for dealing with the Lightning Stuck Tower is to avoid putting yourself in danger.

Yes, that is easier said than done. But you can minimize some of your risk. For instance, don't scream that God is a Happy Squirrel while on a golf course in the middle of a thunderstorm...because someone might actually get that on film, and you really do not want to star in your own Darwin Reward video, do you?

Thanks for reading the thoughts of my rather nutty mind, and please check out some of the other bloggers who participated in this Tarot Blog Hop.

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Tarot By Arwen said...

My head hurts now. :D In a good way as always. thanks!

MIsteriosdelTarot said...

Hello Morgan, thanks for such a fun blog. I really enjoyed the happy squirrel. Thanks

Anonymous said...

'Given the right circumstances, every card is a Happy Squirrel in disguise.'

Lol! Too right! I did a reading in the week for someone and the 3 of Wands opened up a right old can of worms!
Oh! 3 of Wands! whodda thunk it! Off with his head! :D

Olivia Peters said...

Ha! I like your version of the Happy Squirrel more than others I've seen ;-) There's a "wild card" I'm the N.O. Voodoo deck titled "Barons" which is a bit like the H.S. It always throws a very interesting twist into things when it pops up, I've found! Now the Prisma Visions, which I don't have, has a Strawberry card instead of a furry tailed rodent. That could get interesting ;-)

Joy Vernon said...


Ania said...

Yep, they can all cause problems in their own way and let's not get started on combinations. I've had readings where the Devil, the Tower AND Death have all made an appearance in one spread and it's hard not to groan out loud when there is no chink of light showing.

Vivianne said...

I loved Babylon5 :) and you're spot on about all of them having a dark side :)

Priestess Tarot said...

Oh, Babylon 5... "abso-fragging-lultly, god-damn-it" (Dellen) Met some of the cast at a B5 convention once: they were ace! :D

Anyway, ace topic and I enjoyed your read. We all have a dark side, the Tarot too!

Happy Squirrels to you, too! :)

(BTW: What deck did you use and where can I get it? :) )

Anonymous said...

Great wit and insight in one package, as always, Morgan. Love the Happy Squirrel, of course, and the "boom" thing.

Also your take on the Hanged Man, which, as you said, has often been whitewashed, which takes away from the potential depth of its message in a reading.

Unknown said...

Fun post! I hadn't thought of The Hanged Man as the village whipping boy, will definitely look for that message in future readings to see what comes up.

Mindo_Mind said...
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SpookyMrsGreen said...

Funny, I never have problems interpreting the Hanged Man or the Tower. I struggle with the Wheel of Fortune, and the Moon usually. Perhaps they are my 'happy squirrels.'

Inner Whispers said...

You had me grinning madly by the end, Morgan, thanks! There's always a boom, be it an Evolution in Action video, or a nice card that suddenly wallops you when least expected :D