Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feeding time (Tarot Blog Hop)

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Hi everyone, welcome to the February edition of the Tarot Blog Hop.

The theme for this one is "Awakening the heart," a theme that draws off of the fact that the Tarot card associated with this time of year is the Star (assigned to zodiac sign Aquarius by the esoteric Order of the Hermetic Golden Dawn).

I must admit that I had a hard time with this theme. I actually thought about dropping out of the Hop--but I am stubborn, and kept my name in the list...because I always seem to figure out something to write about at the last second whenever I have a deadline pending and it is rapidly advancing upon me.

And just last night, just two days before we were due to go live, it all of a sudden dawned on me what to do with this post.

It happened when I was busy taking care of the litter boxes and feeding the many cats that rule my house.

Cats awaiting the return of fishermen--or dinner of fish.
One of the things that is associated with the Star is humanitarian efforts, charities and whatnot. Many people think that I am a heartless bastard because I seldom donate to charities that help people. And maybe I am.

On the other hand, I will go miles out of my way to help an animal. My time and energy goes not towards helping humans; it goes to helping feral and abandoned cats for the most part.

And when confronted by people that I should be helping humans instead, I tend to say that humans have a lot of people looking out for them, including themselves; animals on the other hand, have few champions. If nothing else, humans can always create a GoFundMe route; but I have yet to meet a cat that can remember a password long enough to create a Kickstarter.

So I am a heartless bastard that has rescued several cats.

In fact, I show the most heart when I am dealing with my cats.

Sad, but true.

Pet Tarot idea: the Star
Anyways, the idea I had was to revise the Star card for someone like myself who cares more for animals than humans. In all fairness, it is a horrible first draft of a piece of artwork; but the general symbolism is there...just in case, I ever decide to create a Pet Tarot.

[I would use animals for the suits. Lizards for fire; birds for water; dogs for water; and cats for earth. This suit arrangement was also part of the a-ha moment I had while feeding my cats.]

Bartie, a cat born from a feral mother, and who is now pretending to edit stuff.
And look at how cute this cat is. He is one of the bestest cats I have ever owned. And he was brought in from the cold by me.

And if that is not enough heart for you, too bad.

Thank you for reading this little odd post that had almost nothing to do with Tarot.

I assume that the rest of the bloggers taking part in this Blog Hop are all much nicer and more on point than I was...but I could be wrong, so you better go check to make sure.

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Unknown said...

I'm the same way when it comes to cats. And I think the post has plenty to do with tarot, The Star, and the theme of the awakening heart. <3

Unknown said...

I love your cat card! Wonderfully creative!

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your rudimentary sketches! I think you should make The Heartless Bastard Tarot! I'd buy that :D

Joy Vernon said...

I love your cat card! And I think a Pet Tarot is a brilliant idea. I love your interpretation of the theme as a humanitarian awakening. I'm glad you stayed the course!

Unknown said...

Ok, I'm ready and waiting for this Pet Tarot to come out. It's going to be awesome. I like it when people describe Aquarius as humanitarian in nature but not into individual humans. Having some prominent Aquarius in my chart I love to volunteer and help humanity, but often shy away from actual people. Personally, I think looking out for pets is actually a really good way to help people and our world without having to interact with some icky humans.

Tarot By Arwen said...

I'd be totally down for that Pet Tarot. :D

Unknown said...

I think cats are great awakeners of the heart for lots of people. And, I think your Star card is wonderful!

Alison said...

I've had the same response from people about me working for a pet-oriented charity, rather than a human-oriented one so completely get where you're coming from. Definitely not a bastard! And this is so much to do with the awakening heart. (Love the cat editor! I had one who had similar aspirations...)